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A Guide to the Birds of Western Africa

Sprache: Englisch.
von Ron Demey
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Titel: A Guide to the Birds of Western Africa
Autor/en: Ron Demey

ISBN: 0691095205
EAN: 9780691095202
Sprache: Englisch.
Illustriert von Nik Borrow

Februar 2002 - gebunden - 816 Seiten

This is a major new guide covering the birds of all western African countries, from Senegal and southern Mauritania east to Chad and the Central African Republic and south to the Congo. No other field guide covers this region exclusively and in such comprehensive depth.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 8 INTRODUCTION 9 Area covered 9 Nomenclature 9 The Species Accounts 10 The Maps 13 The Plates 14 The Plate Captions 14 Authors' note 14 CLIMATE, TOPOGRAPHY AND MAIN HABITATS 15 RESTRICTED-RANGE SPECIES AND ENDEMIC BIRD AREAS 19 TAXONOMY: SOME DEFINITIONS 21 ORGANISATIONS 22 BIRD TOPOGRAPHY 23 GLOSSARY 25 ABBREVIATIONS 29 COLOUR PLATES 1-147 32 SPECIES ACCOUNTS 327 Ostrich--Struthionidae 327 Albatrosses--Diomedeidae 327 Petrels and Shearwaters--Procellariidae 327 Storm-petrels--Hydrobatidae 331 Penguins--Spheniscidae 333 Grebes--Podicipedidae 333 Tropicbirds--Phaethontidae 334 Gannets and Boobies--Sulidae 335 Cormorants and Shags--Phalacrocoracidae 336 Darters--Anhingidae 337 Pelicans--Pelecanidae 338 Frigatebirds--Fregatidae 339 Herons, Egrets and Bitterns--Ardeidae 339 Hamerkop--Scopidae 347 Storks--Ciconiidae 348 Shoebill--Balaenicipitidae 350 Ibises and Spoonbills--Threskiornithidae 351 Flamingos--Phoenicopteridae 354 Ducks and Geese--Anatidae 355 Osprey--Pandionidae 366 Vultures, Eagles and Hawks--Accipitridae 367 Secretary Bird--Sagittariidae 393 Falcons--Falconidae 393 Quails, Partridges and Francolins--Phasianidae 399 Guineafowl--Numididae 406 Buttonquails--Turnicidae 408 Rails, Flufftails, Crakes and Gallinules--Rallidae 409 Cranes--Gruidae 416 Finfoots--Heliornithidae 418 Bustards--Otididae 418 Jacanas--Jacanidae 421 Painted-snipes--Rostratulidae 422 Oystercatchers--Haematopodidae 423 Avocets and Stilts--Recurvirostridae 423 Thick-knees--Burhinidae 424 Coursers and Pratincoles--Glareolidae 426 Plovers and Lapwings--Charadriidae 429 Sandpipers and allies--Scolopacidae 437 Skuas--Stercorariidae 450 Gulls--Laridae 453 Terns--Sternidae 459 Skimmers--Rynchopidae 466 Auks--Alcidae 466 Sandgrouse--Pteroclidae 467 Pigeons and Doves--Columbidae 469 Parrots and Lovebirds--Psittacidae 478 Turacos--Musophagidae 481 Cuckoos and Coucals--Cuculidae 555 Barn and Grass Owls--Tytonidae 584 Typical Owls--Strigidae 586 Nightjars--Caprimulgidae 616 Swifts--Apodidae 635 Mousebirds--Coliidae 645 Trogons--Trogonidae 645 Kingfishers--Alcedinidae 656 Bee-eaters--Meropidae 676 Rollers--Coraciidae 695 Wood-hoopoes--Phoeniculidae 705 Hoopoes--Upupidae 705 Hornbills--Bucerotidae 717 Barbets--Capitonidae 737 Honeyguides--Indicatoridae 755 Woodpeckers and allies--Pittdae 767 Broadbills--Eurylaimidae 785 Pittas--Pittidae 785 Larks--Alaudidae 798 Swallows and Martins--Hirundinidae 818 Pipits and Wagtails--Motacillidae 848 Cuckoo-shrikes--Campephagidae 865 Bulbuls--Pycnonotidae 879 Thrushes, Chats and allies--Turdidae 919 Warblers--Sylviidae 97-107 618 Flycatchers--Muscicapidae 108-109 656 Monarchs--Monarchidae 110 665 Batises, Wattle-eyes and allies--Platysteiridae 669 Picathartes--Picathartidae 114 Babblers--Timaliidae 113 Tits--Paridae 115 Penduline Tits--Remizidae 115 Spotted Creeper--Salpornithidae 115 Sunbirds--Nectariniidae 116 White-eyes--Zosteropidae 115 True Shrikes--Laniidae 119 Bush-shrikes--Malaconotidae 121 Helmet-shrikes--Prionopidae 120 Orioles--Oriolidae 124 Drongos--Dicruridae 125 Crows--Corvidae 125 Starlings--Sturnidae 126 Oxpeckers--Buphagidae 127 Sparrows--Passeridae 128 Weavers--Ploceidae 128 Estrildid Finches--Estrildidae 136 Indigobirds and Whydahs--Viduidae 140 True Finches--Fringillidae 141 Buntings--Emberizidae 142 Island Forms Vagrants and localised species REFERENCES 781 INDEX OF SCIENTIFIC NAMES 801 INDEX OF FRENCH NAMES 815 INDEX OF ENGLISH NAMES 824
This is surely the definitive handbook and guide to identification of Western Africa's birds, and is highly recommended for everyone from professional ornithologists to birders and armchair naturalists. Wildlife Activist This is now the must-have reference for anyone interested in the birds of western Africa... [It] is indispensable to any bird watcher visiting in the region. -- Eirik A. T. Blom Bird Watcher's Digest Invaluable for serious birders and scientists working in or visiting the area. It would also make an excellent addition to a collection of field guides for home or office use. Condor Anyone with an interest in West African birds will want to own this book. We have been waiting for some considerable time for someone to produce a modern guide to West African birds, so Nik Borrow and Ron Demey are to be congratulated for completing the task admirably... [A] splendid achievement. -- Stephen Rumsey British Birds
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