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Special Edition Using Illustrator 10

'Special Edition'. Sprache: Englisch.
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Titel: Special Edition Using Illustrator 10
Autor/en: Peter Bauer

ISBN: 0789727048
EAN: 9780789727046
'Special Edition'.
Sprache: Englisch.

Februar 2002 - kartoniert - 784 Seiten

This is the only Illustrator reference users will need. Organized by feature so that graphics professionals can easily find the information they need when they need it. Inlcudes fill coverage of new features including using Mac OS X.
Introduction. I. OVERVIEW OF ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR. 1. What's New in Illustrator 10. Illustrator for the Web. Envelope Distort, Warps, and Liquifying. Illustrator's Other New Tools. Compound Shapes. Mac OS X and Windows XP. Dynamic Data-Driven Graphics. Integration with the Adobe Family of Products. 2. The Illustrator Interface and Setup. A Quick Tour of the Illustrator Workplace. Zooming. View Options. Illustrator Terminology and Labels. 3. Working with Files in Illustrator. Determining File Format Requirements. Illustrator's Commands to Save and Export Files. Linking and Embedding. Troubleshooting. II. BASIC CREATION IN ILLUSTRATOR. 4. Creating and Editing Paths. Paths and Vector Art. How Anchor Points Shape Paths. The Pen Tools. Editing Paths. More Path Creation Tools. Additional Path-Related Tools. Non-Object Paths in Illustrator. Illustrator's Auto Trace Tool. Troubleshooting. 5. Shape, Drawing, and Graph Tools. Illustrator's Object Creation Tools. The Basic Object Creation Tools. The Complex Object Creation Tools. Selection Tools and Commands. Illustrator's Select Menu. Compound Shapes and the Pathfinder Palette. Graphs in Illustrator. Troubleshooting. 6. Utilizing the Four Types of Brushes. Working with Brushes. Creating and Modifying Brushes. Troubleshooting. 7. Type and Text in Illustrator. The Type Tools. The Palettes. The Type Menu. Text Containers, Outlines, and Attributes. Fonts and Font Embedding. Typographic Terminology. Troubleshooting. III. MANIPULATING OBJECTS IN ILLUSTRATOR. 8. Transforming and Distorting Objects. Transformations and Distortions in Illustrator . The Basics of Transforming. The Transformations. Envelope Distortions. Illustrator's Liquify Tools. Troubleshooting. 9. Working with Blends. Creating Blends. Examining the Blend Options. Adjusting Blend Paths. Expanding a Blend. Troubleshooting. 10. Illustrator's Layers, Sublayers, and Groups. The Layers Palette. Illustrator's Layers. Working with Layers. Templates. Targeting Layers, Groups, and Objects. Release to Layers. Special Utilization of Layers. Troubleshooting. 11. Output Options. Differences Between Page and Screen. The PDF Option. Other Output Options. Troubleshooting. IV. ENHANCING ILLUSTRATOR OBJECTS. 12. Understanding and Applying Color. The Two Types of Color. RGB Versus CMYK Versus Spot Colors. The Other Color Modes: HSB and Grayscale. Reduced Palettes. Determining the Color Mode. Using the Color Palette. Applying Color. Using the Swatches Palette. Troubleshooting. 13. Applying and Defining Patterns. General Rules Governing Patterns. Fill Patterns. Brush Patterns. Troubleshooting. 14. Using the Appearance and Styles Palettes. Appearances and Styles. The Appearance Palette. The Appearance Palette Menu. Applying Appearances to Groups and Layers. The Styles Palette. Style Libraries. Troubleshooting. 15. The Gradient and Gradient Mesh Tools. Working with Gradients. Gradient Meshes. Troubleshooting. V. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF ILLUSTRATOR. 16. Customizing Illustrator. Keyboard Shortcuts: Speed for Illustrator Power Users. Setting Illustrator's Preferences. Creating Illustrator Startup Files. Troubleshooting. 17. Using Masks to Show and Hide. Clipping Masks. Opacity Masks. Troubleshooting. VI. BETWEEN VECTOR AND RASTER. 18. Raster Images and Rasterized Objects. The Difference Between Vector and Raster. Rasterizing Objects in Illustrator. Troubleshooting. 19. Exploiting Illustrator's Transparency. Working with Transparency in Illustrator. The Blending Modes. Outputting Transparency. Troubleshooting. 20. Using Filters and Effects. About Filters and Effects. Illustrator's Filter and Effect Menus. The Top of the Menus. The Middle of the Menus-Vector. The Bottom of the Menu-Raster. Troubleshooting. VII. ILLUSTRATOR AND THE WEB. 21. Designing Web Sites and Web Pages. Web Design with Illustrator. Preparing for Web Graphic Creation. Color on the Web. File Format Considerations. Cascading Style Sheets. Symbols and Symbolism for the Web. Slicing. Troubleshooting. 22. Saving Images for the Web. Control Graphic Images. Color and the Web. File Size and the Web. Image Formats for the Web. Pixel Preview. Save for Web and Image Optimizing. The Color Table. The Optimization Settings. Types of Dithering. Optimizing Slices. The Save Optimized As Dialog Box. Troubleshooting. 23. Flash and SVG Support. Animation on the Web. What Is Flash? What Is SVG? Preparing Vector-Based Animation for Flash. Exporting to SWF. Creating SVG Output. Dynamic SVG. Saving as SVG. Save for Web with SWF and SVG. Troubleshooting. VIII. PRE-PRESS AND FOUR-COLOR PROCESS PRINTING. 24. Commercial Printing and Trapping Issues. Terms and Concepts. The Basics of Printing. Color Issues. Preparing Artwork for Print. Service Bureaus, Print Brokers, and Printers. Trapping. Troubleshooting. 25. Linking and Embedding Images and Fonts. Linking Raster Images. Embedding Raster and Vector Images. Embedding Text Files and Fonts. Troubleshooting. IX. ILLUSTRATOR EFFICIENCY AND INTEROPERABILITY. 26. Automation Through Actions. Actions in Theory and Practice. Recording Custom Actions. Troubleshooting. 27. Dynamic Data-Driven Graphics. Dynamic Data-Driven Graphics-Overview. Templates, Variables, and Data Sets. Troubleshooting. 28. Integrating Illustrator and Photoshop. Illustrator Versus Photoshop. Moving Artwork from Illustrator to Photoshop. Moving Artwork from Photoshop to Illustrator. Troubleshooting. X. APPENDIXES. Appendix A. Installing Illustrator. Illustrator's Easy Installation Process. The Custom Installation Procedure-Basic Files. Macintosh Custom Installation-Additional Files. Windows Custom Installation-Additional Files. What Can Be Skipped? What Can Be Deleted After Installation? Appendix B. Illustrator Assistance and Resources. Basic Troubleshooting Diagnosis and Repair. Where to Go for Help. Tips for Searching and Asking. The Adobe Expert Center. Appendix C. Illustrator to Go. Taking Illustrator with You. Preparing an Image for the Client's Computer. Separations and Proofing. Press Check Checklist. Web Animation Checklist. Index.
Peter Bauer is the help desk director for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, the largest graphics association of its kind. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. A computer graphics consultant, he writes a weekly column for the graphics portal PlanetPhotoshop.com and is a contributing editor for Photoshop User and Mac Design magazines. He is also a member of the instructor "Dream Team" for Photoshop World. He is the author of Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Illustrator 10 in 24 Hours (with Mordy Golding), Special Edition Using Illustrator 9, and a contributing author for Photoshop 6 Web Magic, and has served as technical editor on a number of Illustrator and Photoshop books. Pete also writes software documentation and does software testing for a variety of Illustrator- and Photoshop-related products. Pete and his wife, Professor Mary Ellen OOConnell of the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, live in the historic German Village area of Columbus, Ohio.
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