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Tactical Reality: An Uncommon Look at Common-Sense Firearms Training and Tactics

Sprache: Englisch.
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Titel: Tactical Reality: An Uncommon Look at Common-Sense Firearms Training and Tactics
Autor/en: Louis Awerbuck

ISBN: 1581600518
EAN: 9781581600513
Sprache: Englisch.

November 1999 - kartoniert - 272 Seiten

Louis Awerbuck is one of America's premier firearms trainers. This book brings together a decade of articles by Awerbuck on subjects ranging from creative target systems to firearms marksmanship under stress to defensive survival of a deadly-force encounter. But above all the book is intended to promote thought on surviving a fight in an increasingly deteriorating society.Tactical Reality is not for the person who looks for trouble. It is not for the the man who shuns cover and takes an unnecessary bullet. It is for everyone interested in finding out how to take a realistic approach to training so that, if need be, he can turn the tactical odds in a gunfight in his favor.
Introduction; Chapter 1. You are What You Practice; Chapter 2. Making Your Training Realistic; Chapter 3. The Monday Morning Quarterback and the Self-Proclaimed Expert; Chapter 4. Single-Handed Operation; Chapter 5. The Test of Skill; Chapter 6. Blaming the Weapon for Operator Error; Chapter 7. The Importance of Follow-Through; Chapter 8. Reaction Time; Chapter 9. Can You Make Tactical Training Realistic?; Chapter 10. There's Nothing New; Chapter 11. Equipment for Poor-Light Conditions; Chapter 12. The Pros and Cons of Two Common Training Techniques; Chapter 13. What Do You Do After the Hit?; Chapter 14. It Ain't Over 'til It's Over; Chapter 15. A Silent Partner: Your Backup Weapon; Chapter 16. Ballistics: The Magic Bullet?; Chapter 17. How to Select the Best Instructor and Training School; Chapter 18. "It's Not Fair!"; Chapter 19. Steel Target Design; Chapter 20. The Positioning of Steel Targets; Chapter 21- The Pros and Cons of Steel Targets; Chapter 22. The Bottom Line on Trajectory; Chapter 23. The Forgotten Art of Training; Chapter 24. Tactics for Dealing with Carjackers; Chapter 25. How to Avoid Being Terminated While Clearing an Area; Chapter 26. Positioning Yourself to Win a Gunfight; Chapter 27. Don't Volunteer to Be a Victim; Chapter 28. Performing While Not in Top Physical Form; Chapter 29. For Those Who What to Do More Than Quote Sun Tzu; Chapter 30. Placing Your Shots Where They'll Do the Most Good; Chapter 31. Reloading Made Easy; Chapter 32. Ready or Not; Chapter 33. The Mark of a Smart Shooter; Chapter 34. Cover and Concealment; Chapter 35. I Can See Clearly Now; Chapter 36. Tactical Responses to an Attack; Chapter 37. "Skill, Cunning, and the Powers of Observation": The Klingon Formula for Victory; Chapter 38. The Pros and Cons of Various Body Positions; Chapter 39. The Legend-and Lessons-of Wyatt Earp; Chapter 40. Building a Better Bullet; Chapter 41. What to Do in a No-Shoot Situation; Chapter 42. Playing by Today's Rules; Chapter 43. How Far Is It Anyway?; Chapter 44. No Brain, No Gain; Chapter 45. Paring Down to the Training Basics; Chapter 46. Equipping Your Mental Toolbox with the Proper Tools for Training; Chapter 47. It's Better to Give Than to Receive; Chapter 48. The Great Shotgun vs. Carbine Debate; Chapter 49. The Two Absolutes in Life: Death and Reaction Time; Chapter 50. Eight Reasons to Avoid One-Man Searches; Chapter 51- The Object Is to Win-not to Fight Fair; Chapter 52. Setting Your Sights on the Right Tactical Accessories; Chapter 53. Who Needs All Those Gizmos?; Chapter 54. How to Protect Yourself at Your Most Vulnerable; Chapter 55. We're All Gonna Die-Get Used to the Idea; Chapter 56. Keep It Simple, Stupid; Chapter 57. "You Gotta Have Heart"; Chapter 58. Seeing the Forest and the Trees; Chapter 59. What to Do if You're Attacked on Your Motorcycle; Chapter 60. Buyer Beware: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job; Chapter 61. Good Enough Is Simply Not Good Enough; Chapter 62. Running Backward Will Get You Nowhere
Louis Awerbuck is the owner/director of the Yavapai Firearms Academy, a small-arms training operation based in Prescott, Arizona. He served as Chief Rangemaster at the American Pistol Institute and is an adjunct instructor for the U.S. Department of Energy's Central Training Academy.

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