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Multimedia - Content Representation, Classification and Security

International Workshop, MRCS 2006, Istanbul, Turkey, Septem…
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Titel: Multimedia - Content Representation, Classification and Security

ISBN: 3540393927
EAN: 9783540393924
International Workshop, MRCS 2006, Istanbul, Turkey, September 11-13, 2006, Proceedings.
Auflage 2006.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Bilge Gunsel, Anil K. Jain, A. Murat Tekalp
Springer-Verlag GmbH

4. September 2006 - kartoniert - XIX

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Workshop on Multimedia Content Representation, Classification and Security, MRCS 2006. The book presents 100 revised papers together with 4 invited lectures. Coverage includes biometric recognition, multimedia content security, steganography, watermarking, authentication, classification for biometric recognition, digital watermarking, content analysis and representation, 3D object retrieval and classification, representation, analysis and retrieval in cultural heritage, content representation, indexing and retrieval, and more.

Invited Talk.- Multimedia Security: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.- Biometric Recognition.- Generation and Evaluation of Brute-Force Signature Forgeries.- The Quality of Fingerprint Scanners and Its Impact on the Accuracy of Fingerprint Recognition Algorithms.- Correlation-Based Similarity Between Signals for Speaker Verification with Limited Amount of Speech Data.- Human Face Identification from Video Based on Frequency Domain Asymmetry Representation Using Hidden Markov Models.- Utilizing Independence of Multimodal Biometric Matchers.- Invited Talk.- Discreet Signaling: From the Chinese Emperors to the Internet.- Multimedia Content Security: Steganography/Watermarking/Authentication.- Real-Time Steganography in Compressed Video.- A Feature Selection Methodology for Steganalysis.- Multiple Messages Embedding Using DCT-Based Mod4 Steganographic Method.- SVD Adapted DCT Domain DC Subband Image Watermarking Against Watermark Ambiguity.- 3D Animation Watermarking Using PositionInterpolator.- Color Images Watermarking Based on Minimization of Color Differences.- Improved Pixel-Wise Masking for Image Watermarking.- Additive vs. Image Dependent DWT-DCT Based Watermarking.- A Robust Blind Audio Watermarking Using Distribution of Sub-band Signals.- Dirty-Paper Writing Based on LDPC Codes for Data Hiding.- Key Agreement Protocols Based on the Center Weighted Jacket Matrix as a Symmetric Co-cyclic Matrix.- A Hardware-Implemented Truly Random Key Generator for Secure Biometric Authentication Systems.- Classification for Biometric Recognition.- Kernel Fisher LPP for Face Recognition.- Tensor Factorization by Simultaneous Estimation of Mixing Factors for Robust Face Recognition and Synthesis.- A Modified Large Margin Classifier in Hidden Space for Face Recognition.- Recognizing Two Handed Gestures with Generative, Discriminative and Ensemble Methods Via Fisher Kernels.- 3D Head Position Estimation Using a Single Omnidirectional Camera for Non-intrusive Iris Recognition.- A Fast and Robust Personal Identification Approach Using Handprint.- Active Appearance Model-Based Facial Composite Generation with Interactive Nature-Inspired Heuristics.- Template Matching Approach for Pose Problem in Face Verification.- PCA and LDA Based Face Recognition Using Feedforward Neural Network Classifier.- Online Writer Verification Using Kanji Handwriting.- Image Quality Measures for Fingerprint Image Enhancement.- Digital Watermarking.- A Watermarking Framework for Subdivision Surfaces.- Naïve Bayes Classifier Based Watermark Detection in Wavelet Transform.- A Statistical Framework for Audio Watermark Detection and Decoding.- Resampling Operations as Features for Detecting LSB Replacement and LSB Matching in Color Images.- A Blind Watermarking for 3-D Dynamic Mesh Model Using Distribution of Temporal Wavelet Coefficients.- Secure Data-Hiding in Multimedia Using NMF.- Content Analysis and Representation.- Unsupervised News Video Segmentation by Combined Audio-Video Analysis.- Coarse-to-Fine Textures Retrieval in the JPEG 2000 Compressed Domain for Fast Browsing of Large Image Databases.- Labeling Complementary Local Descriptors Behavior for Video Copy Detection.- Motion-Based Segmentation of Transparent Layers in Video Sequences.- From Partition Trees to Semantic Trees.- 3D Object Retrieval and Classification.- A Comparison Framework for 3D Object Classification Methods.- Density-Based Shape Descriptors for 3D Object Retrieval.- ICA Based Normalization of 3D Objects.- 3D Facial Feature Localization for Registration.- Representation, Analysis and Retrieval in Cultural Heritage.- Paper Retrieval Based on Specific Paper Features: Chain and Laid Lines.- Feature Selection for Paintings Classification by Optimal Tree Pruning.- 3D Data Retrieval for Pottery Documentation.- Invited Talk.- Multimedia Content-Based Indexing and Search: Challenges and Research Directions.- Content Representation, Indexing and Retrieval.- A Framework for Dialogue Detection in Movies.- Music Driven Real-Time 3D Concert Simulation.- High-Level Description Tools for Humanoids.- Content Adaptation Capabilities Description Tool for Supporting Extensibility in the CAIN Framework.- Automatic Cartoon Image Re-authoring Using SOFM.- JPEG-2000 Compressed Image Retrieval Using Partial Entropy Decoding.- Galois' Lattice for Video Navigation in a DBMS.- MPEG-7 Based Music Metadata Extensions for Traditional Greek Music Retrieval.- Content Analysis.- Recognizing Events in an Automated Surveillance System.- Support Vector Regression for Surveillance Purposes.- An Area-Based Decision Rule for People-Counting Systems.- Human Action Classification Using SVM_2K Classifier on Motion Features.- Robust Feature Extraction of Speech Via Noise Reduction in Autocorrelation Domain.- Musical Sound Recognition by Active Learning PNN.- Post-processing for Enhancing Target Signal in Frequency Domain Blind Source Separation.- Feature Extraction and Classification.- Role of Statistical Dependence Between Classifier Scores in Determining the Best Decision Fusion Rule for Improved Biometric Verification.- A Novel 2D Gabor Wavelets Window Method for Face Recognition.- An Extraction Technique of Optimal Interest Points for Shape-Based Image Classification.- Affine Invariant Gradient Based Shape Descriptor.- Spatial Morphological Covariance Applied to Texture Classification.- Multimodal Signal Processing.- Emotion Assessment: Arousal Evaluation Using EEG's and Peripheral Physiological Signals.- Learning Multi-modal Dictionaries: Application to Audiovisual Data.- Semantic Fusion for Biometric User Authentication as Multimodal Signal Processing.- Study of Applicability of Virtual Users in Evaluating Multimodal Biometrics.- 3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video.- Accelerating Depth Image-Based Rendering Using GPU.- A Surface Deformation Framework for 3D Shape Recovery.- Fast Outlier Rejection by Using Parallax-Based Rigidity Constraint for Epipolar Geometry Estimation.- Interactive Multi-view Video Delivery with View-Point Tracking and Fast Stream Switching.- A Multi-imager Camera for Variable-Definition Video (XDTV).- Invited Talk.- On Semi-supervised Learning.- Multimedia Content Transmission and Classification.- Secure Transmission of Video on an End System Multicast Using Public Key Cryptography.- DRM Architecture for Mobile VOD Services.- An Information Filtering Approach for the Page Zero Problem.- A Novel Model for the Print-and-Capture Channel in 2D Bar Codes.- On Feature Extraction for Spam E-Mail Detection.- Symmetric Interplatory Framelets and Their Erasure Recovery Properties.- A Scalable Presentation Format for Multichannel Publishing Based on MPEG-21 Digital Items.- X3D Web Service Using 3D Image Mosaicing and Location-Based Image Indexing.- Adaptive Hybrid Data Broadcast for Wireless Converged Networks.- Multimedia Annotation of Geo-Referenced Information Sources.- Video and Image Processing.- Video Synthesis with High Spatio-temporal Resolution Using Spectral Fusion.- Content-Aware Bit Allocation in Scalable Multi-view Video Coding.- Disparity-Compensated Picture Prediction for Multi-view Video Coding.- Reconstruction of Computer Generated Holograms by Spatial Light Modulators.- Iterative Super-Resolution Reconstruction Using Modified Subgradient Method.- A Comparison on Textured Motion Classification.- Schemes for Multiple Description Coding of Stereoscopic Video.- Fast Hole-Filling in Images Via Fast Comparison of Incomplete Patches.- Range Image Registration with Edge Detection in Spherical Coordinates.- Confidence Based Active Learning for Whole Object Image Segmentation.- Video Analysis and Representation.- Segment-Based Stereo Matching Using Energy-Based Regularization.- Head Tracked 3D Displays.- Low Level Analysis of Video Using Spatiotemporal Pixel Blocks.- Content-Based Retrieval of Video Surveillance Scenes.- Stream-Based Classification and Segmentation of Speech Events in Meeting Recordings.
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