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Frankenstein (Classical Comics)

Empfohlen Ab 16 Jahre.
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Titel: Frankenstein (Classical Comics)
Autor/en: Mary Shelley

ISBN: 1906332169
EAN: 9781906332167
Empfohlen Ab 16 Jahre.
British English ed.
545 Abbildungen.
Sprache: Englisch.
Classical Comics

29. September 2008 - kartoniert - 144 Seiten

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A graphic novel of a classic horror tale that deals with such subjects as alienation, empathy and understanding beyond appearance.
Dramatis Persona 4 Prologue 6
Volume ILetter I 7Letter II 8Letter III 8Letter IV 9
Chapter I 12
Chapter II 13
Chapter III 16
Chapter IV 20
Chapter V 22
Chapter VI 35
Chapter VII 39
Chapter VIII 48
Volume II
Chapter I 51
Chapter II 52
Chapter III 56
Chapter IV 61
Chapter V 64
Chapter VI 67
Chapter VII 68
Chapter VIII 73
Chapter IX 81
Volume III
Chapter I 84
Chapter II 87
Chapter III 92
Chapter IV 102
Chapter V 107
Chapter VI 110
Chapter VII 116Mary Shelley 132Mary Shelley's Family Tree 135 The Birth of Frankenstein 136Frankenstein Lives! 138 Page Creation 140
While remaining true to the spirit of Shelley's famous work, this adaptation allows readers to have it their way, savoring this horror classic with either the Original Text,A" or the Quick Text,A" a simplified abridgement. More than a straightforward retelling, this edition invites readers to explore important social issues such as alienation, the consequences and ethics of scientific studies, as well as the nature of creation and destruction. Rich and lustrous artwork remains the same in both versions. Bucolic mountainsides and charming villages are rendered in a classical European painting style. In stark contrast, horrific elements are depicted with grotesque angular figures in monochromatic tones. Excellent lettering enhances the narrative without distracting from the images. An especially nice feature is the use of boldface to highlight key words and phrases. A table of contents, based on the original three-volume edition, helps readers follow the story's progression. Back matter includes a biography of Shelley, a description of the novel's origin and history, and a clear description of comic-page creation for this remarkable edition. Reluctant readers who start with the Quick TextA" will probably be enticed to try the Original TextA" and continue to explore this exquisite rendition of a gothic classic.-Barbara M. Moon, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY Reading the company blurb above you think of other comic book attempts at Frankenstein from companies such as Marvel and DC and even Burlyman Press' "Doc Frankenstein" -and the great Dick Briefer's 1940s classic comic. Well, put all of that out of your mind. As a horror comic and film buff was I going to find this interesting? Yes,I did. If you have not read the Shelley book [hefty or abridged versions] then I'd suggest you get this book. I actually liked the black embossed cover on the Original Text version. And I think if you are a horror book fan you'll enjoy the Original Text version because it seems to add more to the creepy feel of the art. I'd best point out that there is nothing wrong with the Quick Text version! I have absolutely no complaints about the artwork;Declan has done an excellent job on what most young artists,even with a great script, might baulk at. I can see him rising to the top of the comic book artist pile if he continues this way! What adds to Declan's art is the excellent use of colour. And for that we have Jason Cardy and Kat Nicholson to thank. Very atmospheric. Oh,and the background information! If only this had been available when I was at school but in the dark days of 1973,the streets were shrouded in fog and Jack the Ripper walked the streets ofBristol and we only had a bulky thing called a "book".But then,I left school in 1973 and I'm old enough to remember a ten shilling note.Perhaps I wandered a bit there? Anyhow,if school teachers have cottoned on to the fact that comics tend to help childrens literacy [at a time when there are not many mainstream comics!] then they should get this book into their school library. If there is one thing designed to get a youngster reading it is a horror book in picture form,because that way they forget they are also reading a story and learning! Maybe Classical Comics ought to get in touch with Teachers TV about doing a feature on using these books in the class. Yes, I do watch Teachers TV now and again. So, having read the original novel [full and unabridged] over thirty years ago and countless comic book versions,Hammer Horror films and many,many other films and TV versions, what do I think?I think that this is a great book. The crew at Classical Comics have put so much into this,and their other books,that I can see the titles never going out of print. And there is so much appeal,not just to horror fans or schools,but also to overseas markets who I am quite sure are going to want to license these -and Frankenstein will be on their list.Excellent.What I love about this book is that it reads like a well-made movie. You fall into it and the artist (Declan Shalvey) keeps the action and the plot moving smoothly and in a stunning way. I wondered how they were going to adapt this book and keep it true to the original, after reading the other two books how did I ever doubt they were going to do? Cobley or Shalvey retain the moral undertones of the story whilst keeping it entertaining, put this into a classroom and you can still debate if man has the right to play God or if Frankenstein oversteps his boundary. His creation is seen as both a monster and the victim, an innocent born from extreme circumstances.You can also see and feel the guilt that tortures Victor as he pursues his creation to the ends of the earth. The front cover of the book has a notice on it 'THE FULL STORY IN QUICK MODERN ENGLISH FOR A FAST-PACED READ!'. Well they won't run foul of the trade description act, what they fail to say is 'WARNING, SOME READERS MAY FIND OUR RANGE OF BOOKS ADDICTIVE. I said in my last review that I wish Classical had been around in my last few years of school. I may have missed out then but I intend to make up for it now. If you want help with your studies and you have one of Classical's range of titles in your course then do yourself a favour and buy it.-www.comicbitsonline.com
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