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The Gender/Sexuality Reader

Culture, History, Political Economy.
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Titel: The Gender/Sexuality Reader

ISBN: 0415910056
EAN: 9780415910057
Culture, History, Political Economy.
Sprache: Englisch.
Taylor & Francis Ltd

8. August 1996 - kartoniert - 584 Seiten

A sophisticated survey of the best recent work on bodies and desires across cultures and through time, this collection of essays shows how gender, sexuality, and power are historically connected and practically intertwined. Contributors include Susan Bordo, Judith Butler, Jane Collier, John D'Emilio, Michelle Rosaldo, and others. 28 illustrations.
EMBODIMENTS OF HISTORY: LOCAL MEANINGS, GLOBAL ECONOMIES Part One: Moving Borders: Genders, Sexualities, Histories "An introduction to the cultural" "history of gender/sexuality: body politics at the" "convergence of colonialism, race, and class" 1. Ann Laura Stoler -- Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power: Gender, Race, and Morality in Colonial Asia 2. Siobhan Somerville -- Scientific Racism and the Invention of the Homosexual Body 3. Micaela di Leonardo -- White Lies, Black Myths: Rape, Race and the Black "Underclass" Part Two: Modes of Reproduction: Kinship, Parenthood, States Is the family universal? Are mothers invariably nurturing? How kinship, technology, and politics construct pregnancy, parenting, and reproduction 4. Jane Collier, Michelle Z. Rosaldo, Sylvia Yanagisako-- Is There a Family? New Anthropological Views 5. Nancy Scheper-Hughes -- Lifeboat Ethics: Mother Love and Child Death in Northeast Brazil 6. Amartya Sen -- Population: Delusion and Reality 7. Geraldine Heng and Janadas Devan -- State Fatherhood: The Politics of Nationalism, Sexuality and Race in Singapore 8. Susan Gal -- Gender in the Post-Socialist Transition: The Abortion Debate in Hungary 9. Rosalind Pollack Petchesky -- Fetal Images: The Power of Visual Culture in the Politics of Reproduction Part Three: The Social Construction of Identities: Comparative Sexualities; Sexual identities in the context of political economy, kinship systems, family structures, and historical change 10. Ellen Ross and Rayna Rapp -- Sex and Society: A Research Note from Social History and Anthropology 11. John D'Emilio -- Capitalism and Gay Identity 12. David F. Greenberg -- Transformations of Homosexuality-Based Classifications 13. Matthew C. Gutmann -- Seed of the Nation: Men's Sex and Potency in Mexico; MAKING MARKS AND DRAWING BOUNDARIES: CORPOREAL PRACTICES Part Four: Bodies of Knowledge and the Politics of Representation -- How representations of various sorts--scientific, medical and academic--are affected by, and in turn affect, body politics--and what this implies for how we live 14. Evelyn Fox Keller -- Secrets of God, Nature, and Life 15. Thomas Laquer -- Orgasm, Generation, and the Politics of Reproductive Biology 16. Anne Fausto-Sterling -- How to Build a Man 17. Susan Sperling -- Baboons with Briefcases vs. Langurs with Lipstick: Feminism and Functionalism in Primate Studies 18. Teresa de Lauretis -- The Violence of Rhetoric: On Representation and Gender 19. Cindy Patton -- From Nation to Family: Containing African AIDS 20. Catherine A. Lutz and Jane L. Collins -- The Color of Sex: Postwar Photographic Histories of Race and Gender in "National" "Geographic" Magazine Part Five: Marks and Signs: The Social Skin; "Body marks, body meanings: arguments on" "female circumcision, Victorian clitoridectomy, and" "plastic surgery ""21. Janice Boddy""" -- Womb as Oasis: The Symbolic Context of Pharaonic Circumcision in Rural Northern Sudan 22. Elizabeth A. Sheehan -- Victorian Clitoridectomy: Isaac Baker Brown and His Harmless Operative Procedure 23. Susan Bordo -- "Material Girl": The Effacements of Postmodern Culture Part Six: Polyvalent Pleasures: Resistances, Reinscriptions, and Dispersals; ""Polymorphous perversity" and sexual" "agency in diverse settings, as public and personal" "history" 24. Richard Parker -- The Carnivalization of the World 25. Arlene Stein -- Sisters and Queers: The Decentering of Lesbian Feminism 26. Patricia Zavella -- "Playing with Fire": The Gendered Construction of Chicana/Mexicana Sexuality APPROPRIATIONS, CONTESTATIONS, AND ADAPTATIONS: TOWARD A HISTORY OF THE PRESENT Part Seven: Sex Wars, Culture Wars "Violence Against Women and the Culture" "Wars" 27. Lori L. Heise -- Violence, Sexuality, and Women's Lives 28. Darlene Clark Hine -- Rape and the Inner Lives of Black Women in the Middle West: Preliminary Thoughts on the Culture of Dissemblance 29. Carole S. Vance -- Negotiating Sex and Gender in the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography 30. Judith Stacey -- The Neo-Family-Values Campaign Part Eight: Traveling Theory: Transnational and Postcolonial Interlocutions; "Gender/sexuality in postcolonial and postrevolutionary" "situations; bodies across and between (rather than" "simply within) cultures and nations" 31. Louisa Schein -- The Consumption of Color and the Politics of White Skin in Post-Mao China 32. Jacklyn D. Harden -- The Enterprise of Empire: Race, Class, Gender, and Japanese National Identity 33. Lila Abu-Lughod -- Movie Stars and Islamic Moralism in Egypt 34. Elizabeth A. Povinelli -- Sex Acts and Sovereignty: Race and Sexuality in the Construction of the Australian Nation; Part Nine: Re-Imagining Bodies "How to thin the body now." "Perfomativity, "post-fordist" bodies in the age of AIDS," "and subversive carnal practices in an unlikely place:" "Three topically distinct, methodologically juxtaposed yet" "uncannily consonant pieces on body, identity, and" "selfhood" 35. Judith Butler -- Excerpt from "Introduction" to "Bodies That Matter" 36. Emily Martin -- The End of the Body? 37. Roger N. Lancaster -- Guto's Performance: Notes on the Transvestism of Everyday Life
Roger Lancaster teaches at George Mason University and is author of Life is Hard: Machismo, Danger, and the Intimacy of Power in Nicaragua. Micaela di Leonardo teaches in the Anthropology and Women's Studies departments at the University of California, Berkeley and is the author of The Varieties of Ethnic Experience.
"Draws attention to the intersections of privilege and opportunity in Gay life, themes which are usually overlooked....Speaks directly to interests in sexuality, race and class position which are now popular in Lesbian and Gay male studies courses."
-"The Washington Blade
"An impressive collection of essays....All of the essays are, in fact, fantastically provocative and they provide an insightful corrective to the excessive textualization of some postmodern analytics."
-"NWSA Journal
"Examining societies rather than literature, this crosscultural anthology is remarkably strong on class and historical analysis...."The Gender/Sexuality Reader is the definitive counterblow to claims that gender theory is important only to queers, feminists, and shrinks."
-Lesbian Review of Books, Winter 1997
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