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Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body

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Titel: Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body
Autor/en: Rosalyn Bruyere

ISBN: 0671796240
EAN: 9780671796242
Sprache: Englisch.

April 1994 - kartoniert - 288 Seiten

Wheels of Light explores the seven chakras, or energy centers, of the body with particular focus on the first chakra, which has to do with our basic life force, our physical bodies, and our sexuality.

Drawing on scientific research, Native American culture, the ancient traditions of the Egyptians and Greeks, the philosophies of the Hindus, and the religions of the East, Rosalyn L. Bruyere presents a unique perspective on the value and healing potential of the chakra system.
I Wheels of Light
One: The Ancient and Modern Mystery
The "Mysteries" of the Chakras
Two: Wheels of Power
Legend of the Rainbow Warrior
Wheels of Power
Chakras and Their Traditional Components
Wheels of Light
Secondary Chakras
The Seven Chakra Bodies
The Body as a Microcosm
Animal and Elemental Nature of the Chakras
Religious Perspectives of the Chakras
Historical Perspectives
History of Chakras in the West: Theosophists' Theory
The Two Worlds of the Chakras
Three: What Is an Aura?
Auric Field: Field of Life
Vibration, Color, and Harmonics of the Aura
Energy: The Basic Component of the Body
Identical Nature of the Chakras
Location of the Chakras
The Flow of Energy Up the Chakras
Direction of Spin of the Chakras
Changing Frequencies: Interaction Between Chakras
Relationships Between the Chakras
Intake and Output
Color Opposites, Color Therapy, and Empowering with Opposites
The Male, Female, Androgyny, and Exogeny in the Chakras
Sustaining a Balanced Energy Field
Maintaining Constancy
Avoiding Chakra Displacement
Alignment Exercise
Four: The Chakras and Healing
Scanning the Body and Transmitting or Channeling Energy
Exercise: Feeling Energy
Resistance to Being Healed
Karma and Healing
Definition of Health
Meditation on the Chakras
II The First Chakra
Five: Being Alive
The First Chakra: Our Life Force
Kundalird Energy: Keeping Us Alive
Traditional Aspects of the First Chakra
Astrological Sign, Physical Element, and Gemstone
The Bee, the Dragon, the Horse, and the Serpent
Snake Mythology: The Goddess Religion and the Power of the Undulate
Ida and Pengali: Dual Male and Female Aspects of the First Chakra
Initiation and the First Chakra
Kundalini Initiation and the Siddhi Powers
Greece: Initiation in the Tholoi
Egypt: Initiation in the Pyramids
The Eleusinian Mystery
Modern Initiation
Six: Kundalini: Seat of the Physical Body
The Root Chakra
Breath, Prana, and Mind
Kundalini and the Nervous System
The Kundalini Awakening
Breathing and Exercises for the Kundalini
Kundalini and the Mysteries
Kundalini Energy: Working on Two Channels Simultaneously
Kundalini, Nervous Breakdowns, and Meditation
First Chakra Energy in the American Culture
Suppression of the Life Force
Addictions and the First Chakra
Release of Suppressed Energies and Fixations
Limitations of Too Little Kundalini
Seven: Fire Power
Power and the Kundalini
Dual Qualities of the First Chakra: Powers of Spirit and Matter, Life and Death
Kundalini Power in the Ancient and Modem World: Charisma and Humility
Yin and Yang Principle: Withholding and Reclaiming Power
Using Power Appropriately
The Need for Power in Service
Kundalini and Prosperity
Eight: Sexuality, Kundalini, and Karma
Sexuality: Exchange
Orgasm: Empowerment and Mergence
Orgasm: A Trance State
Sexuality and the Spiritual: Mergence with Deity
Sexuality and Service
The Kundalini Center and Karma
Nine: Science and the Chakras
The Rolf Study
Red on the Oscilloscope
Red in Rolfing and Healing
The DC Shift
Traumas and DC Shifts: Access to the Subconscious
Ten: Disease and Dysfunction
Sickle-Cell Anemia and Cancer: A Question of Power
The Cancer Cell
Cancer Treatment
Arthritis, Colitis, and Alzheimer's Disease
Inflammatory Disease: Anger, Fear, and Pain
Hypertension and Heart Disease
Genetic Disease
Bacterial and Viral Infections, Broken Bones, and Scar Tissue: Healing with Red Frequency
Treating Overdoses
Gynecological Problems and the Effects of the Hysterectomy
Opportunistic Viruses and Infections: Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Listening to the Kundalini
Appendix I:
Rosalyn L. Bruyere is an internationally acclaimed healer, clairvoyant, and medicine woman. Trained as an engineer, she was instrumental in the eight-year research on the human electromagnetic field conducted at UCLA. An ordained minister, she is the founder and director of the Healing Light Center Church in Glendale, California, where she also offers a four-year training program for healers. She lives in Sierra Madre, California.
Dan Millman author of "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" "Wheels of Light" serves as a bridge between science and mysticism by providing, in well-researched and readable language, essential keys to understanding ourselves and our evolutionary journey.
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