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Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun

Proceedings of the 142th Symposium of the International Ast…
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Titel: Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun

ISBN: 0792308794
EAN: 9780792308799
Proceedings of the 142th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Bangalore, India, December 1-5, 1989.
Auflage 1990.
HC runder Rücken kaschiert.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Vinod Krishan, E. R. Priest
Springer Netherlands

30. September 1990 - gebunden - 558 Seiten

Much of the excitement in modern Solar Physics has come from the realisation that the Sun is a plasma and that this plasma is interacting with the magnetic field in a wide variety of subtle ways. As well as being of great interest in their own right the observed plasma phenomena on the Sun are of much wider importance, since they reveal to us details of basic phenomena that are expected to be occurring throughout the universe. It was with this in mind that 173 solar physicists from 17 countries gathered together in Bangalore with an air of anticipation. We were not disappointed as we received the warmest of welcomes from our graceful and charming host,Vinod Krishan. She and her colleagues worked tirelessly to make our stay a most memorable one and to ensure that the meeting ran with calm and efficiency. In addition to being stimulated by an excellent series of talks on the up-to-the­ minute advances in our subject, it was a pleasure to make new friendships from so many countries and to learn, in particular, of the Solar Physics being done in India which has a great tradition and is of a high standard. Furthermore, we enjoyed hearing about Indian culture and appreciating its beauty, especially on our day's tour into the countryside to visit some Hindu and Jain temples.
I. Introduction.- Good Morning.- Welcome.- The Plasma Universe.- II. The Solar Interior.- Interior Structure of the Sun.- The Electrodynamics of Neutrinos in Dispersive Media.- Problems of Solar Convection.- Mechanisms for Dynamo Mode Excitation.- Locating the Seat of the Solar Dynamo.- Helioseismological Determination of Stratification and Dynamic Processes in the Solar Core.- Internal Large-Scale Toroidal Magnetic Field of the Sun.- Magnetic Buoyancy with Viscosity and Ohmic Dissipation and Flux Tube Formation.- Effect of Turbulence on Emerging Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Convection Zone.- Plasma Damping of Gravitational Waves.- Propagation and Oscillation of Neutrinos with Magnetic Moment inside the Sun.- III. Stellar Plasmas.- Magnetic Braking.- Energy Release in Stellar Flares.- Stokes Parameters for Thomson Scattering in Magnetized Plasma.- Classical Treatment of the Compton Collision in General Relativity.- Chromospheric and Coronal Heating Mechanisms.- IV. Photospheric Flows and Magnetic Fields.- Large-Scale Flow Patterns in the Solar Atmosphere.- Sunspot Motions from a Study of Kodaikanal and Mount Wilson Observations.- Observations of Magnetic Features with the German Solar Telescopes at the Observatorio del Teide/Tenerife.- Interpretation of the "Third Harmonic" of the Solar Magnetic Cycle.- Self-Organization Processes on the Sun: The Heliosynergetics.- Linear and Nonlinear Convection with an Aligned Magnetic Field.- V. Photospheric Flux Tubes.- Magnetohydrodynamics of Sunspots.- Sunspot Seismology Theory.- Waves in Magnetic Flux Tubes.- Nonlinear Waves in Flux Tubes.- Resonant Absorption of P-Modes by Sunspots.- Wave Propagation in Sunspots.- On the Location of Footpoints of Sub-Arc-Second Magnetic Structures in the Quiet Solar Photosphere.- VI. Chromospheric And Coronal Heating.- The Heating of the Quiet Solar Chromosphere.- Coronal Heating by DC Currents.- Relaxed States of MHD Turbulence: Minimum Dissipation or Minimum Energy?.- A Case for Alfvén Wave Heating.- Recent Advances in Acoustic Heating.- Nonlinear Surface Alfven Wave Propagation in the Solar Atmosphere.- Interaction of Flux Tubes with Sound Waves.- Resonant Absoiption of Alfvén Waves and the Associated Phenomenon of Magnetic Reconnection.- Fabry-Perot Interferogram Profiles in ?5303 in Relation to Coronal Structures: 1980 and 1983 Eclipses.- Density Irregularity of the Inner Corona determined from Simultaneous Measurements of the XUV and the K Coronal Brightness.- Simultaneous Organisation of (V, B): The Spicules.- Magnetic Helicity of Oscillating Coronal Loops.- Nonlinear Alfvén Waves with Large Larmor Radius Effect.- Cosmic Ray Signatures of Different Types of Solar Wind Streams.- Calcium K Line Profiles as a Function of Latitude and Solar Cycle Phase.- On the Existence of Hydromagnetic Interface Waves in a Structured Atmosphere.- Acoustic Wave Generation in Vertical Magnetic Fields.- Wave Energy Dissipation in the Solar Atmosphere.- VII. Magnetic Reconnection And Coronal Evolution.- Magnetic Reconnection on the Sun.- The Role of Magnetic Reconnection in Flares and Prominence Equations.- Structure and Equilibrium of Coronal Magnetic Fields.- The Evolution of a Sheared Potential Magnetic Field in the Solar Corona.- Storage and Release of Magnetic Energy in a Force-Free Field.- Magnetic Shear and Flares.- Implications of Tension-Free Equilibria for Pre-Flare Energy Build-Up.- Energy Balance in Prominence-Corona Transition Regions.- Numerical Simulations of Solar Disturbances and their Interplanetary Consequences.- Stability of a Massive Current Sheet Supported by a Two-Dimensional Potential Magnetic Field.- Nature of Large-Scale Magnetic Field and Complexity of HCS as observed in Interplanetary Plasma.- The Quasi-Static Evolution of Magnetic Structures on the Sun and Their Topological Reconstruction.- Slight Disappearance of Prominence Plasma to the Solar Corona.- Coronal Loop Interaction.- VIII. Solar Flares.- Plasma Processes in Solar Flares.- Coherent Radiation from Electrostatic Double Layers.- Fast Solar Flare Proton Acceleration by MHD Turbulence.- Super-Alfvénic Beam-Plasma Instabilities in Solar Flares.- Acceleration, Transport of and Radiation by Electrons in Impulsive Phase of Flares.- Diagnosing Solar Plasmas From EUV and X-Ray Emission Lines.- Electrons and X-Ray Emission of Solar Flares.- Relationship between Solar Flares and Solar Cosmic Rays.- Energetic Particles in a Flare Loop: Spectra and Radiation Signatures.- The Interaction of Cometary Plasma with Interplanetary Medium - A Post-Halley View.- Magnetic Field Chromospheric Plasma Interaction and the Problem of die Braking Force in Surge Dynamics.- Observations of Energetic Electrons in Solar Flares.- Role of Beam Foil Spectroscopy in Understanding Basic Plasma Processes on the Sun.- Role of Plasma Spectroscopy in Understanding Plasma Processes on the Sun.- Density Diagnostics of Solar Emission Lines from the Nitrogen-like Mg VI Ion.- Analysis of Prognoz 9 Solar Flare Hard X-ray Data Support for the Non-Thermal Thick Target Model.- Stochastic Dynamics of Protons in Solar Magnetic Loops.- Relationship of Coronal Mass Ejection Events with Solar Flares and Coronal Holes.- Ion Cyclotron Instability and Electron Acceleration in Coronal Magnetic Flux Tubes.- Modelling a Solar Flare from XUV and Radio Observations.- IX. Solar Radio Emission.- Millimeter and Microwave Activity of the Sun.- Electron Beams and Langmuir Turbulence in Solar Type III Radio Bursts Observed in the Interplanetary Medium.- Diagnostics of the Solar Plasma Using Radio Observations with the RATAN-600.- Dual Frequency Variability Study of an Active Region.- Clark Lake Radio Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections.- VLA Observations of the Coronal Plasma.- Type III Bursts Traced from the Solar Surface to 1 AU.- Observations of Solar Continuum Emission at Decameter Wavelengths.- Behaviour of Whistlers in Coronal Magnetic Traps and Its Relevance to a New Fine Structure in Solar Type IV Radio Bursts.- Higher Harmonic Plasma Radiation in Solar Type II Radio Bursts.- Absorption of Electromagnetic Waves in Astrophysical Plasmas.- Microbursts at Meter-Decameter Wavelengths.- The Sun at the VLA's Metric and Decimetric Wavelengths.- VLA-Phoenix Observations of a Narrow-Band Decimetric Burst.- Summary Lecture.- List of Participants.
'The book is thoroughly recommended to those working in solar physics and plasma-astrophysics, as well as those starting a Ph.D. in these fields.'
Space Science Reviews 61:424 (1992)

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