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Focal Liver Lesions

Detection, Characterization, Ablation.
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Titel: Focal Liver Lesions

ISBN: 3540644644
EAN: 9783540644644
Detection, Characterization, Ablation.
Auflage 2005.
268 figs. in 745 sep. illus. , 82 in color, 37 tabs.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Riccardo Lencioni, Dania Cioni, Carlo Bartolozzi
Springer-Verlag GmbH

23. November 2004 - gebunden - XII

Few fields of medicine have witnessed such impressive progress as the diagnosis and treatment of liver tumors. Advances in imaging technology, the development of novel contrast agents, and the introduction of optimized scanning protocols have greatly facilitated the non-invasive detection and characterization of focal liver lesions. Furthermore, image-guided techniques for percutaneous tumor ablation have become an accepted alternative treatment for patients with inoperable liver cancer. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the role of diagnostic and interventional radiology in respect of liver tumors. The volume moves from background sections on methodology and segmental liver anatomy to the main sections on the diagnosis of benign and malignant liver lesions. An integrated approach, focused on the correlation of ultrasound, CT, and MR imaging findings, is presented. Finally, a full section describes the principles, methods, and results of percutaneous tumor ablation techniques.
Technique and Methodology in Liver Imaging.- Ultrasound and Contrast Ultrasound.- Computed Tomography.- Magnetic Resonance.- Liver Anatomy.- Segmental Anatomy of the Liver.- Imaging Landmarks for Segmental Lesion Localization.- Benign Liver Lesions.- Clinico-Pathological Classification.- Cysts and Cystic-Like Lesions.- Liver Hemangioma.- Focal Nodular Hyperplasia.- Hepatocellular Adenoma.- Pseudo-Lesions of the Liver.- Primary Malignancies in Cirrhotic Liver.- Clinico-Pathological Features of Hepatocellular Carcinoma.- Diagnosis and Staging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma.- Primary Malignancies in Non-Cirrhotic Liver.- Clinico-Pathological Classification.- Hepatocellular and Fibrolamellar Carcinoma.- Cholangiocellular Carcinoma.- Other Primary Malignant Tumors.- Hepatic Metastases.- Sonography of Liver Metastases.- Imaging Features of Hepatic Metastases: CT and MR.- Diagnostic and Staging Work-Up.- Image-Guided Tumor Ablation.- Radiofrequency Ablation: Principles and Techniques.- Imaging Guidance, Monitoring, and Follow-Up.- Percutaneous Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma.- Percutaneous Ablation of Hepatic Metastases.- Laser-Induced Thermotherapy.- Multimodality Treatment of Hepatic Metastases.- Tumor Ablation: Interventional Management of Complications.
Technique and Methodology in Liver Imaging 1 Ultrasound and Contrast UltrasoundD.O. Cosgrove2 Computed Tomography
A. Laghi, I. Sansoni, M. Celestre, P. Paolantonio, and R. Passariello3 Magnetic Resonance C. Bartolozzi , C. Della Pina, D. Cioni, L. Crocetti, E. Batini, and R. LencioniLiver Anatomy 4 Segmental Anatomy of the Liver P. Majno, P. Loubeyre, G. Mentha, P. Morel, C.D. Becker, and J. Fasel
5 Imaging Landmarks for Segmental Lesion Localization L. Crocetti, C. Della Pina, E. Rocchi, S. Montagnani, J. Lera, and C. Bartolozzi
 Benign Liver Lesions 6 Clinico-Pathological Classification F. Piscaglia, A. D'Errico, S. Leoni, A. Venturi, and L. Bolondi7 Cysts and Cystic-Like LesionsC. Del Frate , R. Pozzi-Mucelli, G. Brancatellli, K. Mortelè, C. Zuiani, and M. Bazzocchi8 Liver HemangiomaV. Vilgrain and G. Brancatelli9 Focal Nodular HyperplasiaA. Filippone, R. Basilico, F. Di Fabio, and L. Bonomo10 Hepatocellular AdenomaL. Grazioli, M.P. Bondioni, and G. Brancatelli11 Pseudo-Lesions of the Liver F. Caseiro-Alves, A. Ferreira, and D. Mathieu
Primary Malignancies in Cirrhotic Liver12 Clinico-Pathological Features of Hepatocellular Carcinoma M. Colombo and G. Ronchi 13 Diagnosis and Staging of Hepatocellular Carcinoma D. Cioni, R. Lencioni, J. Lera, A. Conti, E. Batini, and C. Bartolozzi
 Primary Malignancies in Non-Cirrhotic Liver14 Clinico-Pathological Classification C. Della Pina, E. Rocchi, A. Conti, S. Montagnani, and L. Crocetti
15 Hepatocellular and Fibrolamellar Carcinoma
G. Brancatelli, M.P., Federle, V. Vilgrain, L. Grazioli, M. Midiri, and R. Lagalla16 Cholangiocellular Carcinoma
S. Terraz and C.D. Becker 17 Other Primary Malignant Tumors R.M. Hammerstingl, W.V. Scharz, and T.J. VoglHepatic Metastases 18 Sonography of Liver Metastases
T. Albrecht19 Imaging Features of Hepatic Metastases: CT and MRC. Kulinna and W. Schima 20 Diagnostic and Staging Work-UpT. Helmberger Image-Guided Tumor Ablation21 Radiofrequency Ablation: Principles and Techniques
R. Lencioni, D. Cioni, J. Lera, E. Rocchi, C. Della Pina, and L. Crocetti22 Imaging Guidance, Monitoring, and Follow-Up A.R. Gillams
23 Percutaneous Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma R. Lencioni, L. Crocetti, D. Cioni, E. Batini, C. Della Pina, and C. Bartolozzi24 Percutaneous Ablation of Hepatic MetastasesJ.A. Goode, T. Sabharwal., and A. Adam25 Laser-Induced Thermotherapy
T.J. Vogl, K. Eichler, T. Lehnert, R. Straub, and M. Mack 26 Multimodality Treatment of Hepatic Metastases
K.-H. Link, V. Apell, K. Tischbirek, M. Holtappels, K. Zayed, T.A. Sagban, M. Mörschel, T.F. Weigel, K.M. Josten, R. Thimm, and L. Staib27 Tumor Ablation: Interventional Management of ComplicationsR.S. Arellano, D.A. Gervais, and P.R. Mueller Subject Index List of Contributor
From the reviews:

"For anybody working in the field of upper abdominal imaging this is an excellent book."

"This is a comprehensive review of liver pathology, with even the rarest conditions being mentioned, but does not lose the big picture of what is common needing most description."

"This is well-illustrated and, for any general radiologist or technologist who has puzzled over what that funny blob in the liver might be, brings it all together in a clear an easily read text."

[RAD Magazine, October, 2005]

"This book is intended to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the role of diagnostic and interventional radiology in focal liver lesions. ... A number of authors who are authorities in their fields have produced a useful text for the clinician who needs a complete, easy-to-read source of information ... . The individual chapters are homogenous and well structured. Understanding of the text is aided by the wealth of high-quality illustrations. ... This book will be an excellent source of information ... ." (M. Lazzaroni, Digestive and Liver Disease, Vol.37, 2005)

"This book provides a comprehensive review of the role of diagnostic and interventional radiology in the management of liver tumors. ... The aim of this book is to analyze the growing place of liver imaging in diagnosis and treatment of liver lesions. Using an impressive number of high-quality illustrations, this book constitutes an excellent up-to-date review of our current knowledge on the radiological approach to liver tumor and can be recommended for all physicians dealing with this field of liver pathology." (M. Scotté, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, Vol. 27 (4), 2005)
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