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Media Center Discovery

180 Ready-To-Use Activities for Language Arts, Grades 5-8.
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Titel: Media Center Discovery
Autor/en: Barbara R. Hamm

ISBN: 0787969605
EAN: 9780787969608
180 Ready-To-Use Activities for Language Arts, Grades 5-8.
Sprache: Englisch.
John Wiley & Sons

26. März 2004 - kartoniert - 402 Seiten

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"Media Center Discovery is a handy guide for you to use with your elementary and middle school students. They will learn to use the media center and develop the skills needed to access and use print, nonprint, and electronic library materials. The book contains an array of fun-filled and informative activities that support language arts and social studies courses in grades 5-8. Your students will learn by doing the books activities, which are designed to foster critical thinking skills, literacy skills, and research ethics. The lessons presented in this easy-to-use book can be used in any sequence, and each activity is followed with an assessment or evaluation. For quick access and easy use the book is organized into eleven sections.
Introduction. ALA Standards. Lesson Summary. TRANSPARENCIES. 0.1 Getting the Most Out of Your Library. 0.2 Library Media Center Organizational Systems. 0.3 Sample Reference Materials. 0.4 Questions. About the Author. UNIT ONE: Getting to Know Your Library Media Center. LESSON 1--A: Mapping the Library Media Center. TRANSPARENCIES. 1.1 Library Media Center Floor Plan. 1.2 Dewey Decimal Classification List. ACTIVITIES. 1.1 Library Map Labels. 1.2 Create an Outline Map. 1.3 Location, Location, Location. WORKSHEETS. 1.1 Scavenger Hunt. 1.2 Location, Location. 1.3 Fiction/Nonfiction Order. 1.4 Titles to Locate. 1.5 Where Can I Find It? GAMES. 1.1 Plant a Flag. 1.2 Team Plant a Flag. 1.3 Plant a Flag Individuals. 1.4 Trivia Research. LESSON 1--B: Using the Print and Electronic Card Catalogs. TRANSPARENCIES. 1.3 Card Catalog Glossary. 1.4 Electronic Catalog Search. 1.5 How to Use the Online Catalog. ACTIVITIES. 1.4 Creating Catalog Cards. 1.5 Call Slip to Material Retrieval. 1.6 Look It Up. WORKSHEETS. 1.6 Identify the Parts of a Card. 1.7 Identify the Information on a Card. 1.8 Catalog to Spine Label. 1.9 Practice Electronic Search. 1.10 Research Skills. 1.11 Which Is Best? 1.12 Match Author, Subject, and Title. GAME. 1.5 Pass the Torch (Tic--Tac--Toe). UNIT TWO: Using Reference Resources. LESSON 2--A: Learning and Using the Parts of a Reference Book. TRANSPARENCIES. 2.1 Sample Book Pages. 2.2 Parts of a Book. WORKSHEETS. 2.1 Book Parts I. 2.2 Book Parts II. GAMES. 2.1 The Parts Game. 2.2 Stump the Student. LESSON 2--B: How to Use a Table of Contents. TRANSPARENCY. 2.3 Table of Contents. ACTIVITIES. 2.1 Using the Table of Contents and Index I. 2.2 Using the Table of Contents and Index II. WORKSHEETS. 2.3 Table of Contents and Index I. 2.4 Table of Contents and Index II. 2.5 Table of Contents and Index III. 2.6 Chapters. LESSON 2--C: How to Use an Index. TRANSPARENCY. 2.4 Using Indexes. ACTIVITY. 2.3 Using Indexes. WORKSHEET. 2.7 Index. LESSON 2--D: How to Use a Glossary. TRANSPARENCY. 2.5 Glossary. WORKSHEETS. 2.8 Guide Words in the Glossary. 2.9 Glossary and Guide Words. 2.10 Do You Know? 2.11 My Own Glossary. LESSON 2--E: How to Use a Bibliography. TRANSPARENCY. 2.6 Correct Ways to Cite Resources. WORKSHEETS. 2.12 Writing Bibliographies. 2.13 Understanding Bibliographies. UNIT THREE: Using Reference Resources: General Information. LESSON 3--A: Almanac. TRANSPARENCY. 3.1 Almanac. ACTIVITIES. 3.1 Almanac Scavenger Hunt. 3.2 Almanac Research. WORKSHEETS. 3.1 Planet Search. 3.2 States Search. 3.3 Old Farmers Almanac. GAME. 3.1 Please ... The Answer. LESSON 3--B: Dictionary. TRANSPARENCIES. 3.2 Dictionary. 3.3 Singular to Plural. ACTIVITY. 3.3 Word of the Day. WORKSHEET. 3.4 Dictionary Skills. GAMES. 3.2 Dictionary Word. 3.3 Bluffo. LESSON 3--C: Thesaurus. TRANSPARENCY. 3.4 Thesaurus. ACTIVITY. 3.4 Thesaurus Team Chant. WORKSHEETS. 3.5 Building a Chain. 3.6 Check Synonyms and Antonyms. GAME. 3.4 Build a Chain. LESSON 3--D: Encyclopedia. TRANSPARENCY. 3.5 Encyclopedia. WORKSHEETS. 3.7 Encyclopedia. 3.8 Dictionary and Encyclopedia. GAME. 3.5 ENCYCLOPEDIA. LESSON 3--E: Record Books. TRANSPARENCY. 3.6 Guinness and Other Record Books. ACTIVITY. 3.5 Our Record Book. WORKSHEET. 3.9 Who Are the Record Holders? UNIT FOUR: Using Reference Resources: Geography. LESSON 4--A: Atlas. TRANSPARENCY. 4.1 Atlas Glossary. WORKSHEETS. 4.1 Virtual Vacation. 4.2 Atlas, Atlas, Atlas. 4.3 Hop, Skip, and Jump! GAME. 4.1 Passport Hop, Skip, and Jump! LESSON 4--B: Maps. TRANSPARENCY. 4.2 Map Glossary. ACTIVITIES. 4.1 Weather Map. 4.2 Maps in the News. WORKSHEETS. 4.4 Check Map Terms. 4.5 My Land Map. 4.6 Home Team Advantage. GAME. 4.2 Orienteering in the Library Media Center. LESSON 4--C: Gazetteer: A Geographical Dictionary. TRANSPARENCIES. 4.3 Gazetteer Glossary. 4.4 Geography and Earth Facts. WORKSHEET. 4.7 Where in the World? GAME. 4.3 Pin the World. UNIT FIVE: Using Reference Resources: Biography and Quotations. LESSON 5--A: Biography. TRANSPARENCIES. 5.1 Types of Biography. 5.2 Memoir. ACTIVITIES. 5.1 Take Notes: Personal Interviews. 5.2 Take Notes: Print Biographies. 5.3 Take Notes: Outline. 5.4 Interview Show. 5.5 Family Biography. 5.6 You're Special. 5.7 Biography Trading Cards. 5.8 Picture Collage. 5.9 Secret Identity. 5.10 Cartoon Biography. WORKSHEET. 5.1 Biographies. GAME. 5.1 Biography Jeopardy. LESSON 5--B: Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. ACTIVITY. 5.11 Copy Quotations. WORKSHEET. 5.2 Who Said ... ? UNIT SIX: Using Reference Resources: Current Information. LESSON 6--A: Introduction to Periodicals. TRANSPARENCY. 6.1 Periodicals. WORKSHEET. 6.1 Choose the Periodical. LESSON 6--B: Newspapers. TRANSPARENCY. 6.2 Newspaper Glossary. ACTIVITIES. 6.1 The Five W's and How. 6.2 Newspaper Photos. 6.3 Travel with the Newspaper. 6.4 Compare Newspapers. WORKSHEETS. 6.2 Newspaper Index. 6.3 Photojournalist. 6.4 Comics. 6.5 Mock Newspaper. 6.6 Figures of Speech. GAMES. 6.1 Got a Minute?. 6.2 Newspaper Scavenger Hunt I. 6.3 Newspaper Scavenger Hunt II. LESSON 6--C: Magazines. TRANSPARENCY. 6.3 Magazine Glossary. ACTIVITY. 6.5 Magazine Cover. WORKSHEETS. 6.7 Magazine Selection. 6.8 Magazines. 6.9 Magazine Research. LESSON 6--D: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. TRANSPARENCY. 6.4 Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature. WORKSHEET. 6.10 Reader's Guide. LESSON 6--E: Vertical Files. ACTIVITIES. 6.6 Compare Various Sources. 6.7 Story Board. 6.8 Create Visual Aids. LESSON 6--F: Outside the Library Media Center. ACTIVITY. 6.9 Outside Resources Report. UNIT SEVEN: Dewey Decimal Classification System. LESSON 7--A: Dewey Decimal Classification System. TRANSPARENCY. 7.1 Dewey Decimal Classification Numbers. ACTIVITIES. 7.1 Dewey and the Alien. 7.2 Searching for Dewey. WORKSHEETS. 7.1 Dewey Pictures. 7.2 Practicing Dewey. GAME. 7.1 Dewey Jeopardy. UNIT EIGHT: Fiction. LESSON 8--A: Books from Cover to Cover. TRANSPARENCIES. 8.1 Book Glossary. 8.2 Fiction. 8.3 Nonfiction. 8.4 Building a Story. ACTIVITIES. 8.1 Dust Jacket. 8.2 Spine Labels. WORKSHEETS. 8.1 Cause and Effect. 8.2 Characters. LESSON 8--B: Student's Literature Genres. TRANSPARENCY. 8.5 Genre Glossary. LESSON 8--C: Folklore, Myths, and Legends. TRANSPARENCY. 8.6 Nonfiction Fable Table. LESSON 8--D: Fables, Tall Tales, and Folk Tales. LESSON 8--E: Poetry. TRANSPARENCY. 8.7 Poetry Glossary. ACTIVITY. 8.3 Activities with Poetry. LESSON 8--F: Award Winners. TRANSPARENCY. 8.8 Award Winners. WORKSHEET. 8.3 Checking the Firsts. LESSON 8--G: Book Reports. WORKSHEETS. 8.4 Book Report Planning Sheet. 8.5 Fairy Tale Headlines. 8.6 History Book Report. LESSON 8--H: Copyright. TRANSPARENCY. 8.9 Copyright Laws and Rules. WORKSHEET. 8.7 Checking Copyright. UNIT NINE: Electronic Materials. LESSON 9--A: Videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and Audiotapes. WORKSHEETS. 9.1 Closed Captioning. 9.2 Which Is Better? 9.3 Music, Music, Music. LESSON 9--B: Microfiche. TRANSPARENCY. 9.1 Microfiche Glossary. WORKSHEET. 9.4 Paper to Plastic to Paper 300 UNIT TEN: Computers and the Internet. LESSON 10--A: Search Engines. TRANSPARENCIES. 10.1 Rules for Searching the Web. 10.2 Rules for Browsing the Web. 10.3 Search Engines and Online Information. WORKSHEET. 10.1 Computer Research. LESSON 10--B: Using the Internet. LESSON 10--C: Electronic Reference Software. LESSON 10--D: Word Processing. TRANSPARENCY. 10.4 Word Processing Glossary. LESSON 10--E: Production Software. TRANSPARENCIES. 10.5 HyperStudio. 10.6 Kid Pix. 10.7 PowerPoint. ACTIVITY. 10.1 Practice Procedures. UNIT ELEVEN: Using What You Have Learned: Writing and Publishing. LESSON 11--A: Organizational Systems. TRANSPARENCY. 11.1 Library Media Center Organizational Systems 329 WORKSHEET. 11.1 Find the Organizational System. LESSON 11--B: Self--Organization. TRANSPARENCY. 11.2 Self--Organization Checklist. LESSON 11--C: Topic Generation. TRANSPARENCIES. 11.3 Topic Generation. 11.4 Look at the Whole Story. WORKSHEET. 11.2 Resource Evaluation Table. LESSON 11--D: Note Taking. TRANSPARENCY. 11.5 Tips for Note Taking. WORKSHEET. 11.3 Listening. LESSON 11--E: Prewriting. TRANSPARENCY. 11.6 Prewriting Techniques. LESSON 11--F Basic Outlining. TRANSPARENCY. 11.7 Basic Outline Form. LESSON 11--G: Timeline. TRANSPARENCY. 11.8 Timeline. LESSON 11--HDraf t Writing. TRANSPARENCIES. 11.9 Draft Writing. 11.10 Draft Writing Checklist. LESSON 11--I Publishing. TRANSPARENCY. 11.11 Publishing Checklist.
Barbara R. Hamm has taught in both public and parochial schools for more than twenty--six years. She has been a classroom teacher, a computer specialist, and a library media specialist. Her professional credentials include a life certificate in elementary education and certifications as a learning resources director, library media specialist, and instructional designer.

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