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Planetary Nebulae

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Titel: Planetary Nebulae

ISBN: 9027715580
EAN: 9789027715586
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1983.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von D. R. Flower
Springer Netherlands

30. April 1983 - kartoniert - 584 Seiten

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IAU Symposium 103 was held at University College London, August 9-13 1982. This volume contains the proceedings of the meetin- invited papers, abstracts of contributed papers, and discussion. As is nON custanary with the proceedings of IAU Symposia, the manuscript was canpiled fran camera-ready copy. The Editor was responsible for the preparation of the abstracts of the contributed papers and the discussion, the authors of the invited papers for the preparation of their 0Nn reviews. The discussion at the meeting was lively and infonnative, and the Editor hopes that a reasonably faithful and readable record of the discussion is to be found in these proceedings. In accordance with the wish of the Scientific Organising Committee, an object index has been canpiled and appended. It is to be hoped that the index will augment the usefulness of the volune. The Editor is greatly indebted to M. J. Barlow for his help in preparing the index. Financial assistance for the meeting was provided by the IAU and University College London. The hospitality received during the excursion to the Old Royal Observatory and National Maritime MUseum, Greenwich, is gratefully acknowledged. The task of editing these proceedings has been greatly facilitated by the excellent secretarial assistance of V. A. Kerr. David Flower Durham, October 1982 xiii D. R. Flower (ed.), Planetary Nebulae, xiii.
Invited Papers.- Introductory Review.- Section I: Observations of Planetary Nebulae.- New and Misclassified PN.- Morphology and Kinematics of PN.- Recent Work on Bipolar Nebulae.- The Structure of the Binary Star Nebula NGC 2346.- IUE Observations of the Bipolar PN NGC 2346.- The Unprecedented Light Variations of NGC 2346.- Radio Observations of PN.- High Resolution Maps with the VLA.- Infrared Emission Lines in PN.- 10 µn Spectral Observations of Moderately Extended PN.- Molecules in PN.- Infrared Spectroscopy of the Transition Objects CRL 618 and CRL 2688.- Observations of Dust in PN.- Section II: Physical Processes in Planetary Nebulae.- Some Recent Results from UV Observations.- Recent Advances in Atomic Calculations and Experiments of Interest in the Study of PN.- Ionization Equilibrium in Models of PN.- Charge Exchange Reactions in Astrophysical Plasmas.- Recombination Processes.- Radiative Transfer Problems in PN.- Physical Processes in Nebular Shells and the Interpretation of Nebular Spectra.- On the O III/O II Problem in Medium and High Excitation PN.- PN with Massive Nuclei.- Section III: Chemical Abundances in Planetary Nebulae.- Type I PN.- Sulphur Abundances in Three Halo PN.- Elemental Abundances in PN.- Effects of Dust Formation on Chemical Abundances.- Section IV: Origin of Planetary Nebulae.- Red Giants as Precursors of PN.- Evolution of Unstable Red Giant Envelopes.- Deduction of PN Properties from Long Period Variable Precursors.- Mass Loss from Late-Type Stars: New Observational Evidence.- Effects of Stellar Mass Loss on the Formation of PN.- Fast Winds in PN.- Numerical Models of Dynamical and Spectral Evolution of PN.- Numerical Gas-Dynamic Investigation of the Whimper Model for the Formation of PN.- HBV 475 as a Candidate Proto - PN.- Comparison of PN and Symbiotic Star Emitting Regions.- Mass Loss from Central Stars of PN.- A Powerful Method for Deriving Mass-Loss Rates from PN and Other Objects: The First Order Moment W1 of Unsaturated P Cygni Line Profiles.- Influence of the Stellar Wind on the Nebular Ionization in NGC 1535 and 4361.- Section V: Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae.- Non-LTE Model Atmosphere Analysis of Central Stars.- Evolution and Mass Distribution of Central Stars of PN.- Physical Properties of the Central Stars of PN in the Magellanic Clouds.- IUE Observations of Central Stars.- Distances of the Central Stars and their Position in the HR Diagram.- The Distances of PN and the Galactic Rotation Curve.- Section VI: Planetary Nebulae an a Galactic and Extragalactic Context.- A Radio Search for Galactic Center PN.- VLA Observations of PN at the Galactic Centre.- Birthrate of PN.- PN in the Magellanic Clouds.- PN in Local Group Galaxies.- The Effects of Mass and Metallicity upon PN Formation.- PN and the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies.- PN and Seyfert Galaxies - Similarities and Differences.- Final Review.- General Discussion.- Abstracts of Contributed Papers.- Detection and Study of Secondary Structures in Some PN.- High-Spatial Resolution Observations of PN.- Kinematics of Abell 30.- A Dynamical and Chemical Study of NGC 6302.- Neutral Hydrogen Associated with the PN NGC 6302.- The Kinematical Structure of the Bipolar Nebulae M2-9 and M1-91.- High-Resolution Spectroscopy of NGC 7026.- Ionic Abundances of SIII, OIV, and NeV from Infrared Observations of Fine Structure Lines in eight PN.- Observations of the 3.3 µm Emission feature in PN.- Low-Temperature Dielectronic Recombination Coefficients for Ions of C, N and O.- Recombination Spectra of PN.- Radiative Transfer Effects due to Curvature and Expansion in a Dusty PN.- Profiles and Intensity Ratios of the CIV ? 1548, 1550 Emission Lines in PN.- High Dispersion IUE Observations of NGC 3918.- On the Strength of the CIV 155 nm Resonance Lines in PN.- The Formation of Resonance Lines in Gaseous Nebulae Partially Filled with Dust.- Physical Conditions in the PN Hb 12.- Physical Conditions in the Compact PN SwSt 1.- Optical and UV Nebular Spectra of NGC 40.- The Ionization Structure of NGC 6720 and NGC 7009.- Chemical Composition of the Peculiar PN YM 29.- Optically Derived Carbon Abundances in PN.- Chemical Abundance Determinations in Gaseous Nebulae.- Observations of the 30 µm feature in IRC + 10216.- OH/IR Stars: Dark PN?.- The Maser Strength of OH/IR Stars, the Evolution of Mass loss and the Formation of a PN.- Catalogue of Central Stars of PN.- Apparent Magnitudes of PN Nuclei.- UBV Observations of Variable PN.- Concerning the Temperatures of Central Stars of PN.- UV Radiation from Central Stars of PN.- Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry of Some Hotter Central Stars.- An Optical and Ultraviolet Study of Nine Low-Excitation PN.- Nebular Abundances and Central Star Parameters for eight PN in the Magellanic Clouds.- Why is IC 4642 of such a High-Excitation Class?.- Extinction - Distances to PN.- Kinematic distances of PN.- Distance Determinations from 21 cm Interstellar Absorption-Line Measurements.- OH/IR Stars Near the Galactic Centre.- Velocity Dispersion and Luminosity Function of PN in the Nuclear Bulge of M31.- Spectroscopy of the Planetary Nebula in the Fornax Galaxy with the IUE.- A New PN with Independently Determined Distance and Mass.- Spectroscopy of Extragalactic PN in the Ultraviolet.- Discovery of a Large High-Excitation PN.- Bipolar Nebulae and Type I PN.- Wind-Blanketed Stellar Atmospheres.- The Temperatures of Central Stars of PN: The Energy-Balance Method.- Fabry-Pérot Radial Velocities of S274: a PN.- Three Symbiotic Stars Catalogued as PN.- Object Index.
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