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Village Building at the End of the World

The Collapse of Industrial Society and the Birth of a New Vision

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We're in a gigantic mess. Our civilization is collapsing, and we're dragging the whole Earth down with us. How do we make sense of such an awful situation?

Chris Wilson takes this question back to its historical and cultural roots, especially the belief that everything in Nature is merely a resource for us to use in whatever way we think fit.

This has given birth to an economy focused on industrial growth that is now so out of control that it threatens, in its death throes, to destroy all life on our planet.

But a very different future is still possible, a future in which both we and the planet can survive and thrive. What might that future look like - and how can we help it to emerge?

The author is a perennial 'outsider' with a healthy scepticism about our obsession with technological progress. He has worked in many fields, including science, education, building and psychotherapy. He brings his wide and varied experience, plus a wealth of academic knowledge, to this study.


11. April 2022
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Chris Wilson
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Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson started his working life as a Scientific Assistant at the UK Atomic Energy Authority research station at Winfrith Heath in Dorset. He went on to study Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge, and worked for ten years as part of an educational research team with scientist and writer J. G. Bennett, who was well known in the Sixties as a spiritual teacher in the Gurdjieff tradition.By the early 70s Bennett's team had become involved in the new field of Management Communications. During an extended visit to the USA in 1972, on a joint project with the Westinghouse Learning Corporation, Chris was living in Washington DC at a time when young Americans were demonstrating on a massive scale against the Vietnam War. He became involved with the anti-war movement, and by 1974 he had tired of the corporate world and decided to simplify his life by earning his living as a carpenter.He soon found himself working with a small team of likeminded individuals, and in 1978 they made themselves into a coop, which in those days was a highly unusual format for a firm of small builders. But it worked well for a few years, and Chris stayed with it until 1984 when he moved to the Yorkshire Dales to live 'off-grid' with his partner Jane.In the mid-90s they moved to the Bristol area, where he retrained as a psychotherapist and worked for 15 years in private practice. Jane died in 2003 and after a few years Chris sold up and helped to establish a permaculture co-op in Devon. In 2021 he moved to Romania, where he lives with his wife Gina in the village of Limanu, on the Black Sea coast.


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