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Rainbows for Rainy Days

40 Devotional Readings That Reveal God's Promises

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40 uplifting devotional readings for Christians struggling through a rainy season, rediscover God's sufficient love for you


24. Mai 2013
Iucn Regional Office for Southern Africa
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Iucn Regional Office for Southern Africa

Catherine has spoken at numerous Ladies' events, including day conferences, breakfasts and weekends, as well as individual fellowship meetings for women in various churches. Having cared for two profoundly disableddaughters for a period of almost twenty years, Catherine is often askedto speak on the subject of suffering - through testimony, bible ministryand seminars. But she also delights in opportunities to share what theBible has to say on a myriad of other subjects too! She is married to Philip. They have three children; two daughters, Cheryl and Joy, now in heaven, and a wonderful son, Paul who is married to Susie, both exceptional musicians.


"While walking through a rough set of experiences I was greatly blessed and comforted by reading this book. Simple, down to earth and beautifully written - I loved every single page!" -- Jennifer Rees Larcombe, author and speaker "Written from a tender heart and with the flair of an Irish story teller, Rainbows for Rainy Days sets your feet on a secure path and enables you to see Jesus in the mist and rain. A book full of tender strength that teaches you to thrive in the storms of life." -- Rachel Hickson, Director, Heartcry for Change "Beautifully written and containing profound truth, Rainbows for Rainy Days is a bit like stopping for a snack but finding you have eaten a satisfying meal. Catherine writes vividly and empathetically, and her insights cause one to stop, think, and give thanks." -- Wendy Virgo, author of His Strong Hand "Catherine speaks of the 'Rainbows of God's promises' shining brightly against the clouds of despair and darkness, doubt and disappointment. Who has not known such gloomy days? But you can't have a rainbow without a cloud! She reminds us it is up to us to look for the God of all promise in the pain, the partings and panics of life and exclaim: 'How great is our God!'" -- Jill Briscoe, author and speaker "Cast in language that speaks simply of complex things ... Many people will take great comfort from this book." The Irish Catholic


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