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Experimental Stress Analysis: Proceedings of the Viiith International Conference on Experimental…

Proceedings of the VIIIth International Conference on Exper…
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Titel: Experimental Stress Analysis: Proceedings of the Viiith International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 12

ISBN: 9024733472
EAN: 9789024733477
Proceedings of the VIIIth International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis, Amsterdam, The N.
Auflage 1986.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von H. Wieringa
Springer Netherlands

31. Mai 1986 - gebunden - 652 Seiten

Designing and manufacturing structures of all kinds in an economic and a safe way is not possible without doing experimental stress analysis. The modernity of structures, with their higher reliability demands, as well as today's more stringent safety rules and extreme environmental conditions necessitate the improvement of the measuring technique and the introduction of new ones. Although theoretical/mathematical analysis is improving enormously, an example of which is the finite element model, it cannot replace experimental analysis and vice versa. Moreover, the mathematical analysis needs more and more accurate parameter data which in turn need improved experimental investigations. No one can do all those investigations on his own. Exchange of knowledge and experience in experimental stress analysis is a necessity, a thing acknowledged by every research worker. Therefore, the objective of the Permanent Committee for Stress Analysis (PC SA) is to promote the organization of conferences with the purpose disseminating new research and new measuring techniques as well as improvements in existing techniques, and furthermore, to promote the exchange of experiences of practical applications with techniques. rhis Vlllth International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis on behalf of the PC SA is one in a series which started in 1959 at Delft (NL), and was followed by conferences at Paris (F), Berlin-W, Cambridge (~K), Udine (I), Munich (FRG) and Haifa (Isr.). Such a Conference will be held in Europe every fourth year, half-way bewteen the IUTAM Congresses.
1. Measure and Design of Stresses in Adhesive Bonded Trusses: Extensometrical and Laser-Elasticimetrical Methods.- 2. Automated Testing of Concrete Compressive Properties.- 3. Metallic Structures Under Mechanical and Cyclical Thermal Loading.- 4. Response of Spherical Shells Under Apex Load to Varying Proportions.- 5. Study of Stress Distribution in the Walls of Vessel Containers for High - Pressure Gas.- 6. The Experimental Analysis of the Stress Distribution in a 1000m3 Spherical Steel Tank from the Petro-Chemical Industry.- 7. Small-Scale Testing of End-Restrained Tubular Beam-Columns.- 8. Experimental Stress Analysis with Automation of Measurements and Data Processing Using Vibro-Wire Gauges During the Construction of One Segmental Box-Girder Prestressed Concrete Bridge.- 9. An Experimental Investigation of the Behaviour of Flat Rectangular Plates Under the Action of Combined In-Plane and Lateral Loading.- 10. Techniques in Experimental Stress Analysis for Reinforced Concrete Structures.- 11. Experimental and Theoretical Research into the Collision Resistance of Inland LPG-Carriers.- 12. Experimental Stress Analysis at Plastic Deformations.- 13. Micro-Computer Based Measurement and Processing Method for Human Locomotor System's Take-Off Properties Evaluation.- 14. Buckling of Axially Compressed Imperfect Cylinders and Ring Stiffened Cylinders Under External Pressure.- 15. Stress Analysis of Threaded Connections Secured by Locknuts.- 16. Redesign and Development of a Force Transducer of the Buckle Type.- 17. Determination on Forces and Moments in Pipe Cross-Sections: Fitting of Experimental Strain Measurements on a Mechanical Analytical Model.- 18. Pressure Measurements on Spatially Curved Elastic Surfaces During Crash Tests.- 19. Investigation into the Loosening of Risers in Carbon-Dioxide Cylinders for Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems Aboard Ships.- 20. Interaction of Stress Concentrations at Pores in a Material Performed by Photoelastic Modelling.- 21. Cepstrum Analysis as a Useful Supplement to Spectrum Analysis for Gear-Box Monitoring.- 22. New Method for Measurement of Time Characteristics of Mechanical Systems.- 23. Automatic Display of Campbell Diagrams of Start-Up and Run-Down Processes.- 24. Determination of Material Constants Using Experimental Free Vibration Analysis on Anisotropic Plates.- 25. Biaxial Failure Testing of a Transverse Isotropic Brittle Material.- 26. A System for Crack-Opening-Displacement Measurement and Photomicrography of Cracks at High Temperatures.- 27. Evaluation of Recently Proposed Recommendations for the Determination of Fracture Parameters for Concrete in Bending.- 28. Determination of Dynamic Mode I and Mode II Fracture Mechanics Parameters from Photoelastic Data.- 29. Mode II and Mode III Fracture Testing of Adhesive Joints Using a Stiff Adherend Specimen.- 30. An Integrated Software/Hardware Approach to Experimental Stress Analysis.- 31. Experimental-Numerical Hybrid Technique for Stress Analysis of Plates with Holes in Post Buckling State.- 32. Digital Image Processing in Experimental Mechanics.- 33. Comparative Study of the Sensitivity of Various Measurement Techniques on "G1asses"-Shaped Elastic Element Models Analysed by the Finite Element Method.- 34. Vibration Analysis Using Moire Interferometry.- 35. Heterodyne Moire Interferometry - Some Experience of the Development of a Rapid Measurement System.- 36. On the Limits to the Information Obtainable from a Moire Fringe Pattern.- 37. Interpretation of Moiré Effect for Curvature Measurement of Shells.- 38. Optical Method of Strain Measurement. Application to Study of Circular Bending of a Beam in the Large Strain Range.- 39. The Phase Shift Method Applied to Reflection Moiré Pattern.- 40. Detection of Fringe Pattern Information Using a Computer Based Method.- 41. Fatigue Life Prediction of Spot-Welded Lap Joints by Moire Interferometry.- 42. Evaluation of Finite Element Calculations in a Curve-Fronted Crack by Coherent Optics Techniques.- 43. Real-Time Moire-Holographic Analysis of Plates with Sharp V-Notches in Tension.- 44. Investigation on Crack Closure by Real-Time Holo-Interferometry.- 45. Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Contact Problems by Means of the Method of Caustics.- 46. Photometric Methods of Caustics.- 47. Evaluation of Strain Gauge Measurements in Elasto-Plastic Area.- 48. Errors Associated with the Use of Strain Gages on Composite Materials.- 49. How to Avoid Errors Caused by Heat Effects in Strain Gage Measurements when Using Scanning Units.- 50. Compensation of Leadwire Effects with Resistive Straingauges in Multi-Channel Straingauge Instrumentation.- 51. Recent Development of the Spate Technique for Measuring Stress in Structures Loaded with Complex Waveforms.- 52. A New Experimental Stress Analysis Technique of Wide Application.- 53. Use of the Thermoelastic Technique in Experimental Stress Analysis.- 54. Opportunities and Limitations of Thermoelastic Stress Analysis.- 55. Some Practical Limits to the Applicability of the Thermo-Elastic Effect.- 56. Pressure-Sensitive Photoelastic Sheets.- 57. The Boundary Element Method, an Accelerating Calculation Process Used in Experimental Stress Analysis.- 58. Computer-Aided Measurement of Relative Retardations in Plane Photoelasticity.- 59. Checking the Shear-Difference Method in Case of Photoelastic Coating.- 60. On a Nonlinear1 Theory of Photoelasticity.- 61. Strain Distribution During Hot Roiling of Strip by Photoplastic Simulation.- 62. On Vibration and Shock Isolation of Sensitive Goods by Viscoelastic Packaging Materials.- 63. Laboratory Tests on Encapsulated High Temperature Strain Gages SG 426 for Measurements up to 530°C.- 64. Strain Measurements at Variable Temperatures up to 300°C within a Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessel by Means of Encapsulated Welded Strain Gages.- 65. Loss of Stability of Underground Excavations - View on a Possibility of Prediction.- 66. Specific Techniques in 2D Stress Analysis.- 67. Experimental Stress-Strain Field in Elastomeric O-Ring Seals.- 68. Measurement of Tectonic Rock Strain in Iceland.
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