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Government of Eden

Spiritual Principles for Living in Peace

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True freedom and lasting peace: is this not the good life that everyone wishes for their loved ones as well as for themselves? Is such a sublime existence even possible in this day and age? Where on earth are we to find liberty and justice for all? This latest compilation of excerpts from Joel S. Goldsmith's lectures reveals the truth that these qualities of life do not originate in the outer world, but in the consciousness of the individual. Here is an enlightening message of assurance, conviction, and practicality that is both timely and timeless based on Joel's actual experience as a renowned mystic, healer, and teacher of the twentieth century. In many of his classes over the years, Joel addressed that sacred place in consciousness, where we do indeed come to know and enjoy the realities of freedom and peace from the inside out. Joel called that high state of consciousness Eden, and to dwell at that level of consciousness is to be governed exclusively by grace and ruled completely by spiritual principle in our daily living. The Government of Eden is an extraordinary collection of Joel's teachings that focus sharply on the nature of that inner realm and on our responsibilities as spiritual citizens in the here-and-now. In this remarkable book, with clarity and authority, Joel details a spiritual approach to national and international affairs, governing, voting, politics, equality, tolerance, and other crucial issues that confront us on a regular basis. Throughout this work, Joel is not only calling us back to the garden of freedom and fulfillment within, but also guiding us to and through the gates of Eden, which have never been locked - except in belief. The Government of Eden, however, dispels that erroneous belief with the truth that sets us free in the face of every worldly challenge.


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