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Embedded Software and Systems

First International Conference, ICESS 2004, Hangzhou, China…
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Titel: Embedded Software and Systems

ISBN: 3540281282
EAN: 9783540281283
First International Conference, ICESS 2004, Hangzhou, China, December 9-10, 2004, Revised Selected Papers.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Jiajun Bu, Chun Chen, Minyi Guo
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

15. September 2005 - kartoniert - 636 Seiten

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Welcome to the post proceedings of the First International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems (ICESS 2004), which was held in Hangzhou, P. R. China, 9-10 December 2004. Embedded Software and Systems technology is of increasing importance for a wide range of industrial areas, such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunication, and manufacturing automation. Embedded technology is playing an increasingly dominant role in modern society. This is a natural outcome of amazingly fast developments in the embedded field. The ICESS 2004 conference brought together researchers and developers from academia, industry, and government to advance the science, engineering, and technology in embedded software and systems development, and provided them with a forum to present and exchange their ideas, results, work in progress, and experience in all areas of embedded systems research and development. The ICESS 2004 conference attracted much more interest than expected. The total number of paper submissions to the main conference and its three workshops, namely, Pervasive Computing, Automobile Electronics and Tele-communication, was almost 400, from nearly 20 countries and regions. All submissions were reviewed by at least three Program or Technical Committee members or external reviewers. It was extremely difficult to make the final decision on paper acceptance because there were so many excellent, foreseeing, and interesting submissions with brilliant ideas.
Keynote Speeches and Invited Talks Abstracts (Partial).- Abstraction and the C++ Machine Model.- Keynote Speech: Industrializing Software Development.- Testing Methodologies for Embedded Systems and Systems-on-Chip.- China Putian Promote Commercial TD-SCDMA Services.- Agent-Oriented Approach to Ubiquitous Computing.- Resource-Aware Programming.- In-House Tools for Low-Power Embedded Systems.- CODACS Project: A Development Tool for Embedded System Prototyping.- Track 1 Distributed Embedded Computing.- A Study on Web Services Selection Method Based on the Negotiation Through Quality Broker: A MAUT-based Approach.- CA-Ex: A Tuning-Incremental Methodology for Communication Architectures in Embedded Systems.- Efficient Parallel Spatial Join Processing Method in a Shared-Nothing Database Cluster System.- Maximizing Parallelism for Non-uniform Dependence Loops Using Two Parallel Region Partitioning Method.- The KODAMA Methodology: An Agent-Based Distributed Approach.- Track 2 Embedded Systems.- A New Iris Recognition Approach for Embedded System.- A RAID Controller: Software, Hardware and Embedded Platform Based on Intel IOP321.- Component-Based Integration Towards a Frequency-Regulating Home Appliance Control System.- Design and Implementation of the System for Remote Voltage Harmonic Monitor.- Guaranteed Cost Control of Networked Control Systems: An LMI Approach.- Robust Tuning of Embedded Intelligent PID Controller for Induction Motor Using Bacterial Foraging Based Optimization.- The Customizable Embedded System for Seriate Intelligent Sewing Equipment.- Track 3 Embedded Hardware and Architecture.- A Distributed Architecture Model for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Design.- A New Technique for Program Code Compression in Embedded Microprocessor.- Design of System Area Network Interface Card Based on Intel IOP310.- Dual-Stack Return Address Predictor.- Electronic Reading Pen: A DSP Based Portable Device for Offline OCR and Bi-linguistic Translation.- Formal Co-verification for SoC Design with Colored Petri Net.- Hardware for Modular Exponentiation Suitable for Smart Cards.- PN-based Formal Modeling and Verification for ASIP Architecture.- The Design and Performance Analysis of Embedded Parallel Multiprocessing System.- Use Dynamic Combination of Two Meta-heuristics to Do Bi-partitioning.- Track 4 Middleware for Embedded Computing.- A New Approach for Predictable Hard Real-Time Transaction Processing in Embedded Database.- A QoS-aware Component-Based Middleware for Pervasive Computing.- AnyCom: A Component Framework Optimization for Pervasive Computing.- Association Based Prefetching Algorithm in Mobile Environments.- Integration Policy in Real-Time Embedded System.- Prism-WM Based Connector Interaction for Middleware Systems.- ScudWare: A Context-Aware and Lightweight Middleware for Smart Vehicle Space.- Track 5 Mobile Systems.- Application of Cooperating and Embedded Technology for Network Computer Media Player.- QoS Adaptive Algorithms Based on Resources Availability of Mobile Terminals.- Semi-Videoconference System Using Real-Time Wireless Technologies.- Smart Client Techniques for Online Game on Portable Device.- The Implementation of Mobile IP in Hopen System.- Track 6 Transducer Network.- A New CGI Queueing Model Designed in Embedded Web Server.- A New Embedded Wireless Microcensor Network Based on Bluetooth Scatternet and PMCN.- A New Gradient-Based Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Sensor Media Access Control Protocol Based on TDMA.- Clusters Partition and Sensors Configuration for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Enhanced WFQ Algorithm with (m,k)-Firm Guarantee.- Fuzzy and Real-Time Queue Management in Differentiated Services Networks.- Issues of Wireless Sensor Network Management.- OPC-based Architecture of Embedded Web Server.- Synchronized Data Gathering in Real-Time Embedded Fiber Sensor Network.- The Energy Cost Model of Clustering Wireless Sensor Network Architecture.- Traffic Control Scheme of VCNs' Gigabit Ethernet Using BP.- Track 7 Embedded Operating System.- A Jitter-Free Kernel for Hard Real-Time Systems.- A New Approach to Deadlock Avoidance in Embedded System.- A Novel Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous Systems.- Applying Component-Based Meta-service in Liquid Operating System for Pervasive Computing.- Embedded Operating System Design: The Resolved and Intelligent Daemon Approach.- New Approach for Device Driver Development - Devil+ Language.- On Generalizing Interrupt Handling into a Flexible Binding Model for Kernel Components.- Research Directions for Embedded Operating Systems.- SmartOSEK: A Real-Time Operating System for Automotive Electronics.- Track 8 Power-Aware Computing.- A Functionality Based Instruction Level Software Power Estimation Model for Embedded RISC Processors.- Robust and Adaptive Dynamic Power Management for Time Varying System.- Skyeye: An Instruction Simulator with Energy Awareness.- The Modeling for Dynamic Power Management of Embedded Systems.- Why Simple Timeout Strategies Work Perfectly in Practice?.- Track 9 Real-Time System.- An Adaptive Fault Tolerance Scheme for Applications on Real-Time Embedded System.- Concurrent Garbage Collection Implementation in a Standard JVM for Real-Time Purposes.- Relating FFTW and Split-Radix.- Selecting a Scheduling Policy for Embedded Real-Time Monitor and Control Systems.- Sharing I/O in Strongly Partitioned Real-Time Systems.- The Efficient QoS Control in Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems.- Track 10 Embedded System Verification and Testing.- An Efficient Verification Method for Microprocessors Based on the Virtual Machine.- EFSM-based Testing Strategy for APIs Test of Embedded OS.- EmGen: An Automatic Test-Program Generation Tool for Embedded IP Cores.- Formal Verification of a Ubiquitous Hardware Component.- Model Optimization Techniques in a Verification Platform for Classified Properties.- Using Model-Based Test Program Generator for Simulation Validation.- Track 11 Software Tools for Embedded Systems.- A New WCET Estimation Algorithm Based on Instruction Cache and Prefetching Combined Model.- A Component-Based Model Integrated Framework for Embedded Software.- A Cooperative Web Framework of Jini into OSGi-based Open Home Gateway.- A Structure Modeling Method for Multi-task Embedded Software Design.- Chaos-Model Based Framework for Embedded Software Development.- Hierarchical Integration of Runtime Models.- Object-Oriented Software Loading and Upgrading Techniques for Embedded and Distributed System.- Preserving Consistency in Distributed Embedded Collaborative Editing Systems.
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