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Fascism and Democracy in the Human Mind

A Bridge between Mind and Society

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A complex study of the nature of violent behavior tracing its psychological origins on an individual and social level.


Chapter 1 - What is the Original 'Mind Software' We Humans Receive at the 'Factory'? We Start from a Weakminded, Rigid, and in Effect Fascist Mind Position and then Need to Grow Up, but Do We?; Chapter 2 - The Choice between Fascist Mind and Democratic Mind: What Chance do We have of Changing our "FASCIST MINDS" to "DEMOCRATIC MINDS"?; Chapter 3 - The Fascist Believer: Totality, Overcertainty, and Suppression of Information; Chapter 4 - The Fascist Slave: Obedience, Conformity, and Intolerance of Dissent; Chapter 5 - The Fascist Fist: Superiority, Excessive Power, and Violence Against Self and Others; Chapter 6 - The Fascist Denier: 'I Never Did Any Harm' - Denials of Doing Harm to Oneself or To Others; Chapter 7 - DEMOCRATIC MIND as the Healthy Alternative To FASCIST MIND: The Joy of Life Process and Opportunity; Chapter 8 - Psychotherapy as Anti-Fascism and Training for Democracy: The Psychotherapy Room as a Dedicated Experience in Democracy; Chapter 9 - Discovering Applications of DEMOCRATIC MIND in Everyday Life: How to Use our Minds Safely, Wholesomely and Creatively; Chapter 10 - A Unified Theory of DEMOCRATIC MIND in the Self, Family and Society: A Vision of More Decent Human Beings who do Less Harm to Themselves and Others; ClosingThe Care and Maintenance of the Bridge between Mind and Society: The Privilege and Responsibility of Working to Achieve Democratic Minds and Societies


01. Juli 2006
Israel W Charny
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Israel W Charny

I. W. Charny is the editor in chief of the Encyclopedia of Genocide and the executive director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem. A practicing clinical psychologist and family therapist, he is a professor of psychology and family therapy at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


"Charny argues persuasively that fascism and democracy are not only political systems but ways of organizing the mind. His book builds a convincing link between societal evil and the mind of the individual perpetrator... [This is] one of the most important books of this decade."--Douglas H. Sprenkle, a professor of marriage and family therapy and the author of Effectiveness Research in Marriage and Family Therapy. "Momentous... [This is] the most innovative piece of scholarship I have ever read. Fascism and Democracy in the Human Mind is extremely timely and it offers suggestions about ways to go forward in conflict resolution at the societal, family, and individual levels. I know of no other books in psychology or Holocaust and genocide studies that have linked societal and individual processes in as innovative a way as this book does."--Robert K. Hitchcock, an anthropologist and coeditor of Endangered Peoples of Africa and the Middle East: Struggles to Survive and Thrive. "Charny suggests new principles and approaches for individual and family therapy as well as for reducing the danger of future war, genocide, and terrorism. This is a hopeful and useful book, despite also being a wakeup call, insofar as it demonstrates how deeply-rooted the fascist mentality can become in individuals and societies."--Eric Markusen, a sociologist and the coauthor of The Genocidal Mentality: Nazi Holocaust and Nuclear Threat. "Charny's understanding that fascism and democracy are not just political systems, but psychological states or forces gives us powerful tools for a holistic approach to fighting much that is evil. Charny's theory gives us a way of understanding that we are all on a continuum, from Hitler as perhaps the purest example of a mind given over entirely to 'totalitarianism,' to those who enact a 'democratic' life. As many of us are, I am certainly far from the 'democratic' ideal, but struggling toward it."--Henry Theriault, an associate professor of philosophy and coordinator of the Center for the Study of Human Rights at Worcester State College in Massachusetts.


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