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Trends in Colloid and Interface Science X

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Titel: Trends in Colloid and Interface Science X

ISBN: 3662160641
EAN: 9783662160640
Softcover Repri.
114 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Conxita Solans, M. R. Infante, M. J. Garcia-Celma
Steinkopff Dr. Dietrich V

18. April 2014 - kartoniert - X

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This volume contains the proceedings of the IXth annual meeting of the European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS) which took place in Barcelona, Spain, in September 1995. The contributions cover a broad range of fields in modern colloid science, as well as their technical, experimental and theoretical aspects. Specific emphasis is given to:
- Surfactant aggregates, micelles, vesicles and liquid crystals;
- Colloidal particles: interaction, structure and aggregation;
- Emulsions and concentrated systems;
- Microemulsions;
- Mixed colloidal systems; - Rheology;
- Biocolloids; - Membranes, films and interfaces.
Formation and structure of reverse vesicles.- Phase diagram of the 1-dodecyl pyridinium bromide-dodecane-water surfactant system.- Characterization of structural transitions in the SLS/n-alcohol/water system.- Surfactant self-diffusion and networks of wormlike micelles in concentrated solutions of nonionic surfactants.- Thermodynamic theory and experimental studies on mixed short-chain lecithin micelles.- Phase behavior in sodium cholate/calcium chloride mixtures.- The effect of sub-solubilizing concentrations of sodium deoxycholate on the order of acyl chains in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC). Study of the fluorescence anistropy of 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene (DPH).- Multifractality of lyotropic liquid crystal formation.- Surfactant aggregation and response of ion-selective electrode.- 3-Deoxy-s-alkyl-d-glucose derivative micelle formation, CMC and thermodynamics.- Computer simulation studies of surfactant systems.- Equation of state of a colloidal crystal: An USAXS and osmotic pressure study.- Interaction behaviour in a binary mixture of polymer particles.- Electric light scattering from polytetrafluorethylene suspensions. II. Influence of dialysis.- Two photon rayleigh scattering in micellar and microemulsion systems.- Dynamic scaling in colloidal fractal aggregation: Influence of particle surface charge density.- Effects of shear flow on a critical colloidal dispersion: a light scattering study.- Synthesis and characterization of latex particles with acetal functionality.- Morphology of heterogeneous latex particles investigated by atomic force microscopy.- Dynamic properties of magnetic colloidal particles: Theory and experiments.- Two-dimensional concentration domain patterns in magnetic suspensions: Energetical and kinetic approach.- Adsorption-desorption process of Sodium Diclofenac in Poly-alkylcyanoacrylate nanoparticles.- Determination of the complex refractive index of bulk tellurium and its use in particle size determination.- Structure of adsorbed polymer layers: Loops and tails.- Probing slow fluctuations in nonergodic systems: Interleaved sampling technique.- The effect of the internal architecture of polymer micronetwork colloids on the dynamics in highly concentrated dispersions.- Transport properties of W/O highly concentrated emulsions (gel-emulsions).- Quantifying the concept of physico-chemical formulation in surfactant-oil-water systems - State of the art.- Interbubble gas transfer in persistent foams resulting from surfactant mixtures.- Equilibrium states and structure factor of concentrated colloidal dispersions in optimized random phase approximation.- Development of core-shell colloids to study self-diffusion in highly concentrated dispersions.- Concentrated graphite suspensions in aqueous polymer solutions.- Experimental investigation of the structure of nonionic microemulsions and their relation to the bending elasticity of the amphiphilic film.- Effects of salinity on the electrical conductivity of a water-in-oil microemulsion.- Dielectric relaxation of microemulsions.- Percolation in fluorinated microemulsions: A dielectric study.- Adhesive spheres mixture model of water-in-oil microemulsions.- Preparation of Gd2CuO4 via sol-gel in microemulsions.- Fluorescence studies of the drug Piroxicam in reverse micelles of AOT and microemulsions of Triton X-100.- Depletion interaction and phase separation in mixtures of colloidal particles and nonionic micelles.- The effect of monovalent and divalent cations on sterically stabilized phospholipid vesicles (liposomes).- Adsorption of gluconic and citric acids on maghemite particles in aqueous medium.- Influence of heat treatment on the surface properties of functionalized polymer colloids.- Kinetics of crystal growth of ?-PbF2 and micellization of non-ionic surfactant Triton X-100 at steady-state condition.- Selective solubilization of the stratum corneum components using surfactants.- Influence of surfactant-gelatin interaction on microcapsule characteristics.- Microscopic mechanisms of non-linear rheology of crystalline colloidal dispersionss.- Linear viscoelasticity of O/W sucrose-palmitate emulsions.- Structural models to describe thixotropic behavior.- The effect of surface friction on the rheology of hard-sphere colloids.- Rheological properties of concentrated lateritic suspensions.- Surface charge characterization and protein adsorption at biomaterials surfaces.- Cyclodextrins as molecular tools to investigate the surface properties of potato 5-lipoxygenase.- Microemulsions as reaction medium for a substitution reaction.- Lecithin W/O microemulsions as a host for trypsin. Enzyme activity and luminescence decay studies.- Synthesis and properties of bioactive surfactants containing ?-lactam ring.- Two alternatives: Lipase and/or microcapsule engineering to improve the activity and stability of Pseudomonas sp. and Candida rugosa lipases in anionic micelles.- A study of the interaction of adrenocorticotropin-(1-24)-tetracosapeptide with BLM and liposomes.- Impact of the surface charge of magnetoproteoliposomes on the enzymatic oxidation of cytochrome c.- The direct measurement of the interfacial composition of surfactant/polymer mixed layers at the air-water interface using neutron reflection.- Dynamic of soluble adsorption layer studied by a maximum bubble pressure method in the µs and ms range of time.- Skin formation on liquid surfaces under non-equilibrium conditions.- Dynamic surface properties of aqueous solutions.- Electric potential differences across lipid mono- and bilayers.- Evidence of entropic contribution to "hydration" forces between membranes.- Pore kinetics of mastoparan petpides in large unilamellar lipid vesicles.- Head-group variations and monolayer structures of diol derivatives.- Macromolecules in ordered media III. A fluorescence study on the association of poly-2-vinylpyridine with a phospholipid bilayer.- Lysozyme separation by colloidal gas aphrons.
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